About Us

Our company has been established for 7 years- it is a small number compared with some big companies but with us, it is a process of effort and experiences. From beginning days, that company was put into operation with the limited staff member (3 co-founders) we study and work about Magento-E-commerce software and platform.
That was the reason makes us keep moving and constantly strive to develop company. We always try to take advantage of time and human resources to push company grow. We worked together and gave each other advice, whenever we had problem at work we always tried to find a suitable solution; although sometimes there were different ideas, we still discuss to make the last decision.

After a long time research, we found the disadvantages for customers so we decided to expand the direction of development of the module with the most optimal cost, highest quality and best support to serve customers with the best products.

In 2014, we launched the first module called Magento Menu Creator Pro- this is the most useful and convenient tool until now which help shop owners update menu easily. Menu Creator Pro succeeded out of our expectation so we continued to increase modules having strength on the market.
Module PDC was lunched and had 8-updated versions in the year 2015. At the end of 2015, we released booking module, fancy checkout and 17 others modules.

We want to support business to build magento stores successfully with the goals of saving investment expenses and increasing revenue for business. We constantly improve to catch up high technology to develop and upgrade modules.
In 2016, we are expected to succeed in Magento 2 with some remarkable features to release more modules having top quality to continue building the trust in customer’s mind.

To complete these goals, we are now having nearly 20 members with enthusiasm of youth. We are willing to donate our best energy to produce the excellent products to serve customers.  To optimize the result of work, we often hold the seminar to share experience as well as knowledge to develop together.

Weekly, at the first day work, we spend about 30 minutes talking the plan of this week. What we want to achieve and complete. There is a famous quotation of John Wooden "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, you need a team" so we appreciate teamwork, we can learn from each other not only the specialized knowledge but also the good virtues and many other things.

After hard working days, we hold many activities to relax and refresh our mind and start new day with full of energy. Sometimes we go for picnic, hold a small party or travel thereby we mutual trust, understand each other and have many meaningful time together.