Why Choose Magento for E-commerce?

More and more businesses decide to build their online store using this open source technology.

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Considered ro bo the most advanced digital technology for E-commerce. Magento currently occupies a large number of loyal customers from around the world. The clients used Magento very popular. Client use Magento from small shop , store to famous groups like Nikes, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Ford, Olympus use Magento and this list will be increase more and more.

Magento is the most open source platform that build base on Zend Framework and PHP programming language that help create E-commerce website.

Why use Magento ?

  • 1. This is flexible open source : Download free and have a alot of Plugin , Extension and theme.
  • 2. Support a number of features : Seo , Marketing , Manage Site, Checkout , etc…
  • 3. Mobile Layout responsive : Responsive Layout , website speed very well.
  • 4. E-commerce safy : CAPTCHA, protected data PCI and security tool.

The Best Feature Of Magento

  • Manage Catalogo : Product , Category
  • Design Theme, layout, CMS page , Block , add-on
  • Support marketing: Event Sales , Email marketing , Seo, Google Api
  • Shopping Cart and Payment: Shopping Cart and integrate Payment Method
  • Manage Orders : Manger orders , Create order, Payment method, Shipping method
  • Manage Customers : Customer accounts , Customers Groups
  • Manage System : Import/Export, tool
  • Report : Marketing Reports , Sales Reports , Product Reports , Customer Reports

Magento Digital Technology

Magento was built on PHP programming language and Mysql database system. Magento has 2 Packagers are Enterprise and Community . Enterprise Packager has the great features for E-commerce website but it is very expensive So Client can build shop use Community Packager. To build Magento website use Community Packager, you can use Magento extensions, Plugin and theme or you can hire Magento Development to build a website.

Build new website: you can hire Magento Development companies to build your site for you . You can discuss with them the features , theme, that you want , the will support , give you budget , build website , and install website to hosting , VPS . We suggest the best Magento Development like, CueBlocks, Konstant Infosolutions, Magneto IT Solutions etc…. Magneto IT Solutions has more skilled Magento developers who have 5+ years of experience in developing professional Magento store with high quality and influential look. Magneto IT Solutions promise to bring a robust suite of services that cover all areas of Magento, from development to maintenance, customization to support.

You have already website: You want to custom, upgrade to functions, layouts or Migrate Database . you can find Extensions and theme and fire them customize it for your separate requirement . it is more cheap that build new function because the most features are avaiale in extensions or theme . We have have more 7 year Magento Development extensions and theme. You can find in our store the most great extension like that Magento Reservation and Booking System Pro, Magento Product Designer Canvas,Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace extension