BigMarket Magento Multi Vendor Theme Online Document Guide

This is document for BigMarket Magento Multi Vendor Theme. Now it’s time to get your fingers a little dirty and start configurate your theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact us via Thanks so much!

I. Install via FTP

Step 1. Before uploading module via FTP

– Please make sure that the target directory is magento root, not the root of your live site but the root of testing magento site.
– Prepare FTP connected software (Filezilla, which is completely free, is my best choice).
– Make sure that your FTP connected account have sufficient permission to upload files and create folder.

Step 2. Upload and installation

– Upload file

Step 3: After uploading process is done then follow the mentioned steps below.

+ Open command prompt and change directory to your magento install directory
+ Then run the following command for setup upgrade:

  1. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  2. php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  3. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  4. php bin/magento cache:flush

Step 4: Login Backend Magento. If you can see the extension tab, it is installed properly.

*Note: In the case that you have followed all above steps but couldn’t make the theme work properly. Then please contact us at, our supporters will assist you in resolving any issues within 24 hours.

II. Marketplace User Guide

1. Active license key

Active the license key after installed module:

When installed Marketplace on the first time, you might be active the license key on localhost or dev domain.
No worry, you can change the license key later when your site is ready to live.
Just contact us here to reset your license key.
When you have confirmed the license key reseted, you can re-enter the license key and repeat active again on live domain.

2. Configuration

You can find all guide for this module at

III. Pslider User Guide

1. Create Slider

1 – Filter collection with category
2 – Filter collection by create date, order, rated, viewed…

2. Create Group

3. Frontend Layout

+ Tab Sliders layout

+ Tab Vertical

4. Configuration

IV. MCP User Guide

1. Create Group Menu

2. Create Menu

3. Frontend Layout

With for dropdrow level 0:

2 Columns: width: 155px;
3 Columns: width: 233px;
4 Columns: width: 311px;
5 Columns: width: 389px;
6 Columns: width: 467px;
7 Columns: width: 545px;
8 Columns: width: 623px;
9 Columns: width: 701px;
10 Columns: width: 779px;
11 Columns: width: 857px;
12 Columns: width: 935px;

With column for sub:

2 Columns: width: 16.666666%;
3 Columns: width: 25%;
4 Columns: width: 33.333333%;
5 Columns: width: 41.666666%;
6 Columns: width: 50%;
7 Columns: width: 58.333333%;
8 Columns: width: 66.666666%;
9 Columns: width: 75%;
10 Columns: width: 83.333333%;
11 Columns: width: 91.666666%;
12 Columns: width: width: 100%;

Layout auto show sub or No sub item

V. Other module

1. OneStepChekout

General Configuration

2. Brands

3. Blog

VI. Theme Configuration

+ Choose store to enable theme

+ Import same data(statick block, cms..)

+ Theme Configuration

+ Frontend

Thank for reading this post. you can check more information about extension on link . if you have any question about the extension. You can contact to We will check and support for you.