How to setup price in Booking System Extension.

Booking extensions is one of extension provide by . When using extension, You can allow customer book your booking services. As you can know, Booking service’s Price is very complex , it is depended to time and booking service type. In this post, I will introduce how to setup Price in Booking extension.

  1. Default Value. if you have stability service , you should use default value, you just setup service one time.
  2. if you want to have special price for period time, you can setup price and quantity in around time. You can select status is Available or Special.

    As you can see, Everything is clear. If you want to block service in period time, you can create new item with status is Block or Unavailable.
  3. Unavailable days. If you want to your services is not available in some days in a week. you can use Disable Days feature. As you can see, service unavailable from Monday to Wednesday.
  4. Special Service.
    Normally , You can setup price and quantity when creating item But in Booking Timeslot type, it is depended number of timeslots.

    With Booking Tour Type, you can setup Person Price for Booking Item

    This is document how to setup price for booking extension. if you have any questions about Booking extension. you can send email to [email protected] . We will check and support for you.