Tees – The eternal favorites

The T-shirt is the most favorite thing in the wardrobe for a majority of people, irrespective of age and gender. While earlier they used to be worn only on casual occasions, it is now a common wear suitable for most occasions. As a result, everyone has an array of tees, as they are lovingly called. Slowly, we saw the emergence of personalized T-shirts with names, messages or photos printed on them. These became a rage; a splendid gift idea that could put smiles on people’s faces!

Suddenly, it appeared there was a demand to find those brands that offer personalized printed T-shirts online. Everyone wants to print high quality T-shirt. Customers became more choosy and hence, brands had a tough time coping. Competition is good and brings out the best. So, if you are thinking of jumping onto the online personalized T-shirt bandwagon, here are a few tips.

In order to survive in a highly competitive market, you need to be unique and reasonably priced, while consistently offering high quality. There are so many printing options like screen printing, printing by advanced silk screen printing, digital printing, thermal transfer printing, UV printing, inkjet printing etc. to name a few. How to offer these services with quality to your customer? After all, the bottom line is to print high quality T-shirts.

You need something that will allow your customers to design their tees, put their own text or photos and any other creativity they may want to display. You need something that will allow all this and help print with the best possible options.

3 Steps To Print A High Quality T-shirt

1. Ideas

Three Steps To Print A High Quality T-shirt with Product Designer Pro

If you decide to offer personalized T-shirts, then it is necessary to go online for maximum exposure and reach. You start with an idea in mind and decide to bring it to life through the online store. Also, you may have some ideas on what to offer and how. Next, you need a product that will help your customers to bring their ideas to life. In other words, the customers will have something in mind when they come shopping. So you need to provide them a platform which can help them with that. You need a product that can help you bring together your ideas to match the customers’ interests.

2. Design with PDP

Three Steps To Print A High Quality T-shirt with Product Designer Pro

This is our product- online product designer steps in and takes over. It is a complete online print product management tool. A lot of thought has gone into the creation of this product to ensure that it serves as a one stop shop for online print service providers. Integrate this amazing product in your online store to allow your customers to print high quality T-shirts that are indeed awesome. The impact can also be seen in your revenues.

The product allows easy managing of multiple categories and easy creation of design templates using many resources. It is easily installable; we can help with free installation as well. It is compatible with most eCommerce platforms like Magento and WooCommerce with support for many other platforms like Prestashop, Opencart, and Shopify etc., across the next few months. Easily integrates with your existing online store and allows the ‘Add to cart’ option without affecting your existing application.

It is a known fact that the majority of people access the Internet and do online shopping using their mobile devices. Our product is designed to work on all smart devices like smartphones and tablets with a screen resolution of at least 480px simplified. This ensures that you also get access to the wider audience.

It allows you to define the design area for each product chosen and create an overlay. Design templates are easily done with the help of an enormous choice of 15356 clipart on SVG format. It also supports uploading photos or adding text of one’s choice. So, that takes care of the design part by offering your customers a high amount of flexibility and creativity. The customer also has options to choose colors and quantity.

The customized designs are auto saved as people work and the final design is also saved in the account dashboard, in case they want to order at a later date. The dashboard design can also be used for re-ordering the same thing again from your online store easily. All the outputs of these customized designs are of 300 DPI that guarantee high quality prints, whichever printing method is chosen. The output designs can be in PDF, PNG, or SVG formats.

3. Printing


Next, comes the slightly difficult part, the actual printing. You will find that with our product, even printing is easy! It supports almost all the popular printing options, namely digital printing, screen printing, vinyl printing, laser engraving and even embroidery. That kind of covers all the popular printing methods. The objective is after all to print high quality T-shirt, whatever the method.

The online product designer also automatically does smart pricing configuration for each of the print types. Any discounts are also taken into account in the pricing so that the customer gets to see the actual cost of the product. In case, the customer has a budget constraint, alternate designs or alternate printing options too can be looked at. The product also offers support for currency conversion, making things easier.

Look no further

You can print high quality T-shirt with the help of our online product designer tool built specifically for this purpose. Choose this product to change your online presence for the better! You will have happy customers who can unleash their creative streak with a few easy clicks. When they get to own the design they have created, it gives them an immense sense of pleasure and pride!

In return, you get free branding and publicity that can result in more customers. More customers will result in more revenue. This is why it is important to install our online product designer tool if you are offering online apparel design and print services. Go ahead, make the most of our online product designer!


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