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Configure and enable using inkscape convert in PDP

  • Hello everyone,

    Today i guide you configure and enable using inkscape convert in PDP. It’s different with convert by imagick below:

    –  All upload file with ext EPS, AI, PDF, SVG give vector output.

    –  Download PDF with vector.


    – Server possible to run command line and install inkcape.

    Access to server and run this command:


    #sudo apt-get install inkscape -y

    Cd to /usr/share/fonts or another config font folder then create pdp folder:

    #cd /usr/share/fonts

    #mkdir pdp

    Symlink 2 folder font of PDP to folder created

    #sudo ln -s /path-to-designer-folder/data/pdp/fonts /usr/share/fonts/pdp/ (or another config font folder)

    #sudo ln -s /path-to-designer-folder/data/pdp/myfonts /usr/share/fonts/pdp/ (or another config font folder)

    Run refresh fonts

    #sudo fc-cache -f -v

    Login to backend PDP enable Using Inkscape config

    Navigate to System-> Editor Configuration and config same below


    Cheers 🙂!~

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