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How to create booking hourly services with Magento Booking Extension.

  • Magento Booknig Extension is one of extensions for Magento Provide By You can use it for rent, reservation, tour services. I this post I will introduce how to create booking hourly services with Magento Booking extension.

    If you have a Mangeto Store that allow customers cam book hourly services , Magento Booking Extension is the best Extension for the your store. when using extension , you can easy create multi hourly services with addon & sell and discount.

    1. Select Booking Type .  After  creating product , Click to Booking configuration to setup booking data . In the Booking configuration popup. Select Booking Type Per time. 

      (1) . This service start and service time , you can select anytime that you want,
      (2)  and (3) There are Periods time . You can select the 10 , 20 , 30 , 45 and 60 minutes. In this example . I select 20 minutes  and default length = 2 so the period time = 20 * 2 = 40 minutes. I shows in in frontend,

      (4) Fix Length . if admin setup the field larger 0, Service end time is automatically loaded in frontend , Customers don’t have to select it .
      Example . 
    2. Addon & sell and Discount work like Rent services , You can read about it on the post.

    Conclusion : As you can see, when using Magento Booking extension, you can easy create booking hourly services . You can you use it for some service such as rent Cars , Rent Motorbikes , Rent cycle , book or some hourly events . You can test extension on our demo . if you have any question about extension , you can send email to . We will Check and support  for you .


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