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How to create rent services with Magento Booking Extension

  • Magento Booknig Extension is one of extension for Magento Provide By You can use it for rent, reservation, tour services. I this post I will introduce how to create rent services with Magento Booking extension.

    You have a lot of motels, apartments that you want to customers can check and book your services on online. when you use Magento Booking extension , you can setup price and quantity  for each period times, you also can add extract service and discount for each your service.

    After creating new product with booking type, you can click to Booking configuration. 

    • Basic Configuration.

      (1).  Booking Type (Required) . you can choose Per Day or Per Night . it has a little bit different with check out date. Example . if customer book 3 days , he has to checkout on 3rd day with Per Day type but He will check out 4th day .

      (2) Disable Days. (Optional)  You want to your services are not available some days in a week , you can user this this option. Customer can not select service in disable days.  Example : 

      (3) Fixed length (optional) 

      Normally . Customer will enter check in and checkout when booking item but if you setup data for the field , custom just enter check in , Checkout will be loaded automatically.

    • Price Configuration :
      You can click to Pricing & Availability  to setup price for booking . when add new price , admin has 2 option , Default and custom time . Admin should setup a default value and if admin want to have special price for period time, he can continues adding new items.

    • Addons & sells (Optional)
      it works the same customs options magnento but I has a little bit different.

      Addon Price can be applied for Per day or All ( it just will be added one time ) With Addon type field , it only accept number value. 
    • Discounts

      Now, Extension is support 3 discount type . you can setup Amount Type ( How to calculate discount : Percentage or Fixed price ) , Group can be gotten discount , max discount items .
      – Last minute : Customer will get discount if he book before x day.

      – First Mormment : Customer will get discount if he book after  x day .

      – Length of reservation . Customer can get discount when he book more x days .

    Thank for reading the post. You can test full feature on our demo. if you have any questions about it, you can send email to . We will check and reply to you.


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