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pdf (svg) doesn’t embed the fonts

  • Hi

    When i customize my card and download the pdf (containing svg) for production the fonts are not embedded. I tested it on my pdc and also on your demo site. The results are the same.

    See here an example of the editor vs. the pdf:


    Can anyone solve this problem.

    P.S. Pdf containing png is not an option for my type of production method!

    Kind Regards,


    Hi Oscar,

    For PDF export, if the design has texts, you need to make sure that the font of texts had been converted to TCPDF font (font for render text in PDF file).

    * Convert a font for TCPDF.
    I, The best and easier way to convert a font for now is using a online tool:
    1, Please access this website:
    2, Here is the preview of fonts in backend:

    Assume we want to convert playball font. Please follow the next screencast
    3, After you click “Convert” button, you will see:
    4, Download 3 files and copy(or upload) them to TCPDF folder in: lib/TCPDF/fonts/fonts/

    Notice: The fonts in our demo site haven’t converted to PDF font yet, we will update it later.

    Hope it help,


    Hi Tim,

    thanks for the help. So far it works but i discovered something else. It goes wrong when a font doesn’t have a bold, italic or bolditalic variant. In the editor you can change a font to bold, italic or bolditalic, also when these variants are not available. I think it’s better when in the editor the buttons are disabled when the customer use a font that doesnt have these variants.

    Is it possible to change that?

    Greets, Oscar.

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    Hi Oscar,

    Sorry for late reply. Have you try to converted your font to PDF font follow my first reply? Your custom fonts have to convert to the PDF font(s), otherwise they will not embed to the pdf file.

    Thank you,


    Hi Tim,

    yes i did an that works but i discovered a new problem when a font doesn’t has a bold, italic or bolditalic variant. See my reply above. Can you please answer me that question.

    Greetz, Oscar

    Hi Oscar,

    About the font variant issue. We will update it soon as possible.



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