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User guide RMA & Product Returns Management for Magento

  • Introduction RMA System

    This extension allows the customer can create ask for the return of their purchased products. It helps the admin to manage all RMA request and close this request.


    Installing the extension is very easy, you just need to follow this steps.

    • First, visit the Magebay website and download the zip file of RMA extension.
    • Unzip the extension file, and upload folder app to the root of your magento 2 store
    • Unzip the extension file, and upload folder app to the root of your magento 2 store via FTP or Cpanel
    • Now connect to your hosting server using SSH and change directory to your Magento install directory and run the following command in command prompt:

      php bin/magento module:enable Magebay_Rma
      php bin/magento setup:upgrade
      php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    General Settings

    Default status for new RMA: Example if you set up “Pending Approval” then the default of request RMA is “Pending Approval”

    Default owner for new RMA: This field allow Admin set default owner for a new RMA

    Allow upload only attachments with extensions: Allow customer upload this file type in new RMA request

    Limit of attachments size, Mb: Limit of attachments size that customer upload in RMA request.

    Allow to request RMA after order completion, days: The number of days after completion of the order that the customer can generate RMA.

    Allow to request RMA if order has status: Status of the orders which allows customer to create RMA request.

    RMA General Settings

    RMA Contacts

    This settings section allows the admin defining RMA department such as name, email and return addess

    RMA Return Address: This is the default address for return products. Admin can select this address in RMA Request for customers to return products.

    RMA Contacts

    RMA Email Notification Settings

    This section allows the admin defining templates for the email notifications about reply by the Admin for each RMA request and about reply by the customer.

    RMA Contacts

    Rma System Management

    • Manage RMA: This page will manage all RMA requests from the customers
    • Reasons: Allows the admin to manage the Reasons for RMA items
    • Conditions: Allows the admin to manage the Conditions for RMA items
    • Resolutions: Allows the admin to manage the Resolutions for RMA items
    • Status: Allows the admin to manage the Status for RMA items
    • Return Address: Allows the admin to manage the Return Address for RMA items
    • Custom Fields: Allows the admin add any custom Fields for RMA items

    RMA Menu Section

    rma system manage

    admin rma information

    admin rma additional

    admin rma history

    admin rma items

    RMA extension is an add-on of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module . To use this extension you must have installed first Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module

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