These best PHP frameworks for web developers in 2017


PHP is a standout among the famous web programming languages and is utilized to build complex websites and web apps. The top best PHP frameworks of 2017 includes CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony and some others.

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What is PHP and why we use PHP Frameworks?

PHP is free, open source, server-side scripting language. It is a very popular, secure and stable scripting language.

The usage of PHP frameworks is increasing day by day. The PHP frameworks let developers to initiate innovative modern website development initiate innovative modern website development practices.

Here are some top reasons for developers to adapt the best PHP frameworks and see how these top frameworks of PHP can level up the development process:

  •         Rapid speed development
  •         Gives a well-organized, reusable and maintainable code.
  •         The web apps runs on PHP frameworks are scalable.runs on PHP frameworks are scalable.
  •         High level of security of your PHP site.
  •         MVC pattern ensures the separation of presentation and logic.
  •         Promote modern web development practices such as OOP.

We are sharing down here a list of most popular and the best 2017 web development frameworks of PHP.


Laravel is the most prominent and best PHP frameworks in comparison with the other frameworks. Although, it is relatively a new framework but it has become the most important PHP framework because of its fantastic features which are helpful for the rapid application development process.but it has become the most important PHP framework because of its fantastic features which are helpful for the rapid application development process.

Laravel supports a wide range of databases. Laravel provides an immense ecosystem with an instant hosting and deployment platform. Laravel light-weight templating engine called “BLADE” helps in the repeated tasks such as:

  •         Authentication
  •         Sessions
  •         Caching
  •         Queuing
  •         RESTful Routing

Latest Version: The top latest version of Laravel is Laravel 5.4

Online Product Designer Tools extensions was developed by Lavarel & Zend frameworks


CodeIgniter is a light-weight PHP framework with a very straightforward installation process and requires minimal configuration. The framework has some attractive features and functionalities and an ideal choice for PHP developers.

This second best PHP framework can work on all shared and dedicated hosting platforms. The framework, CodeIgniter gives great freedom to PHP developers because it is not strictly based on MVC development pattern. Third party plugins can also be added in this framework for more complicated functionalities. The CodeIgniter framework has numerous components such as easy error handling, no PHP adaption struggle, and simple security and encryption steps.

Latest Version: CodeIgniter 4 is the new upcoming and latest version of this Framework.

Cake PHP

CakePHP is another famous PHP framework. It offers fast and reliable development solutions. The latest version of CakePHP is 3.0, with enhanced session management, improved modularity and have

It is considered the best framework

Latest Version: The latest version of CakePHP is CakePHP 3.4


Among the fantastic frameworks of PHP, Symfony is one of them. It is adaptable, versatile and intense PHP framework for MVC application. The developer community of Symfony is very huge.

PHP libraries of Symfony are reusable and can complete different tasks with it such as form creation, object configuration, routing, authentication, templating and much more. There’s a portfolio section available in the web application to get an insight of the finished projects of this framework.

Latest Version: Symfony version 3.2.3 is the recommended version of this PHP Framework.


Zend framework is scalable, making it famous because of the web based training and accreditation. The framework is utilized by big business association. This framework of Zend is highly not recommended for smaller projects and an excellent one for complex ones, Zend is partnered with Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Adobe and possess many cool features such as cryptographic coding tools, easy-to-use drag and drop editor to support front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Latest Version: The current and latest Framework of Zend is Zend Framework 3 which is PHP 7 optimized.

Magento Mult Vendor Marketplace extensions was developed by Zend frameworks

Yii Framework

Yii Framework is the highly popular framework of PHP for big scale website developments. The framework is very extensible and set fits on your requirements.

The features offered by this framework includes the faster performance in comparison with other frameworks, integrated with Jquery & AJAX features. The framework consists a powerful class code generator called Gii which supports OOP concepts, rapid prototyping and provides a web-based interface to easily generate the code you desired.

Latest Version: The top version of Yii framework is Yii 2 which is released on 1st Feb 2017.


Slim, a light-weight micro framework of PHP, suitable for small to medium PHP websites. Slim was created in an inspiration of Ruby microframework called “Sinatra”

The framework is used for the development of RESTFul and services. The good features of this framework include Client-side HTTP Caching, URL routing, session and cookie routing, supports flash messages across HTTP request.

Latest Version: The latest version of the Slim framework is 4.0


Phalcon PHP framework is fast in performance because it is written in C and C++ and can get the highest level of performance optimization with it. It’s a well-documented and easy to use framework.

The standard features of this framework include Universal Auto Loader, Asset Management, Security, Translation and Caching. Phalcon decreases resource usages and boost up the execution speeds.

Latest Version: The latest best version of Phalcon is 5.3


FuelPHP, a flexible, full-stack PHP framework supports not only the MVC pattern but also supports the evolved version HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) on architecture level. The framework comes with detailed and comprehensive documentation.

The framework is modular and extendable, taking care of all the security concerns with its features like input and URI filtering and output encoding.

Latest Version: The new latest version of Fuel PHP framework is 5.3.3


Though there are hundreds of framework available but these are some of the most popular, advanced, fastest and cost-effective PHP frameworks.

The right way for a client is to leave the selection of PHP framework according to your project needs to the PHP custom design and development company or the PHP Developers.

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    This is a good list. I really like Laravel, but it resembles to be quite slow. I have a lot of experience with CodeIgniter and I think it is funny that it is always presented as its greatest benefit that it is easy to learn for beginners.

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