By continuing the previous article that we have published on our website name as “Magento Multi Vendor Theme for Seller” here we discuss some additional features to get benefit from Magento 2 marketplace theme.

Quick Overview of Magento 2 Multi Vendor Theme

Magento 2 multi marketplace theme comes with a variety of features for seller and vendor which help them to convert their Magento store into an online marketplace where they can sell their products to the buyer as well as use commission system for boosting their sale volume like other big e-commerce websites have. This is a user-friendly theme in which both seller and buyer get a great browsing and buying experience.

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Let discuss some additional features of Magento 2 marketplace theme below:

1 : Account Dashboard

Account Dashboard in Magento 2 marketplace theme will help the to track the recent orders with complete details including Order number, Order Date, Shipment information, Order total amount, Status of order, Order Action. You can also check and change your account information and newsletter subscription. Address Book will help to add or change the Default Billing Address & Shipping Address.

Account Dashboard - Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

Account Dashboard – Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

2 : Account Information

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Theme account information tab will let you change their First Name, Last Name, Email and Password for increasing the security or getting any change in the information. All of this information help you to log in and place an order in the future.

Account Information - Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

Account Information – Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

3 : Address Book

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Theme address book will help to set up and manage default addresses for billing and shipping. You also have the option to add Additional Address Entries for billing and shipping if you have more than one residence area. You can get the complete contact information and addresses under this tab.

Address Book - Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

Address Book – Magento 2 Multi Vendor Theme

4 : My Downloadable Products

Under this section of Magento 2 marketplace theme, you can check all the purchased downloadable products. Which help you for further management of products in the store. You can also get the product next time whenever you want to order without finding it in the store.

5 : My Orders

Under this section of Magento 2 multi marketplace theme, you can see all your orders placed by customers including Order number, Date of order, Shipment information,  Order total amount,  Status of order (pending, processing, completed),  Order Action (View Order, Reorder). By using the order action options you can view the complete order detail include Product Name, Quantity, the total amount that customer pay, Shipping & billing addresses, shipping method (Flat or Fixed rate) and the payment method. You can also send a message to the customer regarding shipment. Reorder action will help you to get back and add more products if the customer wants.

My Orders - Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

My Orders – Magento 2 Multi Vendor Theme

6 : Newsletter Subscription

The newsletter is a great way of promotion nowadays used by a number of the businessman to attract more customers. This section will help you to check either you are subscribed to General Subscription option or not. Its help the customer to get further news and Newsletter for getting awareness regarding the promotions and new products.

7 : My Credit Cards

Magento 2 marketplace theme also help you to manage your credit card information under “My Credit Cards”. You can see and edit the different credit cards details when necessary to proceed the checkout as well as shipment of the products.

8 : Billing Agreements

Billing Agreements will help you set any agreement for billing of products. The seller has the option to offer their customers with a number of billing agreements under the certain condition that is agreed by both seller and customer. You can find all agreements under this section.

9 : My Product Reviews

Under this section, you can get all the reviews that you are being made of different products. It will help to get other people feedback regarding any product. In this way, it’s easy to choose a product when you have complete information and experience of people regarding that product.

10 : My Wish List

People are looking for products that are best and affordable for them for that purpose they browse different product from which they add the best one in their wish list. This wish list will help them later to place an order for any particular product.

You will get all the wish list product under this section of Magento 2 marketplace theme. You can update the quantity or remove the product. Wish List sharing option will help to share your product selection with your friends and family by sending them emails. You can also add all the wish list product to the cart by pressing “add all to cart” button in my wish list tab.

So whatever you are looking for to make your Magento store Magento 2 Multi Vendor Theme is the best option for you. It will help both customer and seller to get the benefit of big commerce website.  For a better experience install Magento 2 marketplace theme and run smoothly your online marketplace.

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