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Overview of Magento Booking System (BKP)

This is an issue that makes hotel owners, motel owners tired, because of the complexity of manage is quite complex (room management, staff management, customers, goods…), making work their manual management becomes difficult and customer service is also not good. Understanding this need, Magebay has developed the extension BKP, this extension will solve all the problems that hotel owners, motels, shops … encounter

Magento Booking System is used for all sizes of hotels from 2 stars, 3 stars even to 5 stars, villas, condominiums, mini hotels, restaurants, motels … BKP is the best extensions in hotel management today.

BKP supports hotel management, reservation through PC, laptop, ipad … The program provides full interfaces for each job such as hotel management, room management and more.

The interface is multilingual, intuitive, friendly, easy to upgrade and repair according to the specific requirements of customers. The modules are closely linked together, linking objects such as hotels, receptionists, sales staff, customers …

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The features and advantages of Magento Booking System

Magento Booking System Extension

Intelligent, convenient management: Intuitive software interface, combining convenient room management functions.

  • Online remote management, effective, professional
    + Online hotel management on the website platform, use on Computer, Laptop, … Anytime, anywhere, no installation.
  • Hotel management is simple
    + We are committed to BKP as the most user-friendly extension available today.
    + BKP will guide you step by step as you log in if you are a new user. You do not have to spend time learning how to use it.
    + Online support 24/7, BKP support channels such as LiveChat, Email, Skype … Within 5 minutes, our support team will solve Your problems.
  • Hotel management success
    + BKP is built on the thorough research of hotel operations, software features built on a collection of user opinions: from business, receptionist, hotel management. We regularly update and upgrade the features to meet the requirements of our customers.
    + BKP is always real time updates, check-in times, check-out times, etc. are displayed, and a series of automated analyzes will ensure hotel revenue is always up highest when using this extension, especially the peak time, holidays, etc
  • Statistics – Reports
    + Customer statistics of one sales staff, receptionist
    + Statistics the number of floors, the number of rooms of a hotel
    + Room availability statistics, room reservation, pile room, waiting room, pay room to get parameters to promote, strengthen marketing measures when necessary.
    + Status statistics by week, month, year
    + Statistics room check in, check out
    + Retain previous booking information to retrieve information when needed.
  • Handles the system connecting modules
    A synchronous processing system to connect objects such as hotels, accountants, receptionists, sales staff, customers.
    Dealing with system issues related to room status so that when the room status is changed, the system automatically announces not reservation.
    Connect the information to find rooms, customers, employees in the fastest, most convenient way

And but more than.

Therefore, we see Magento Booking System as a superior system and extremely important for restaurants, hotels from small to large. Staff will work more efficiently, with the help of BKP will bring big revenue for your hotel or restaurant. Be a good manager and know how to apply science and technology to your company for the highest profit, make use the BKP smart hotel management system

If you are interested in our extension but are not sure about the features and applications of BKP. To better understand the interface and functionality of the extension, you can try our BKP demo below. You can try and make suggestions so that we can improve the software better. Thank you

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  1. Emile Heskey

    I purchase Booking System Pro of Magebay on April 4, 2015. This extension really works so well so far. Support answered very quickly and made me satisfied.
    My advice to you is BUY NOW!

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