How to Create Personalize & Custom Product Designer Marketplace Website Using Magento 2?

Introduction to Custom Product Marketplace Website

There are a number of e-commerce marketplace that provides an opportunity for the users to create some exceptional campaigns in order to sell custom things. These online market places include Cafepress, Zazzle, Teespring, Viralstyle, Spreadshirt. It is up to the user to choose the color for a particular type of item they want to sell and designs can be created by using the variety of pictures, fonts, and clip arts available on the these marketplaces.

Due to custom design products these market are well known in American, Europe and other areas of this globe and people are attracting more towards this marketplace due to their custom products that design according to the need of customers.

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Benefits of Personalize & Custom Product Designer Marketplace website

  • Help to design and sell your own t-shirts.
  • Provide custom products printing of a very high quality.
  • Requires very little money for setting the business.
  • Highest commission rates in the industry.
  • Takes a maximum of 2 days to get a pay via PayPal.
  • Provide some tips to make money with your own designed shirts.
  • Simple and proven way to earn money through online sources
  • Free support team for customers.

Introduction to Magento 2

Magento 2 is the most recent introduction in the field of e-commerce, with over 200,000 online retailers and it is also predicted that every 1 in 4 corporate sectors uses this software. Magento 2 provides an extensive and more powerful range of tools to control and cover advance marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and records management. This amazing software is written in PHP and has better functionality than Magento 1.


Magento 2 features rich software in e-commerce and some of its amazing features are listed.

  • Protected payments
    Security is of prime importance and payments are done by PayPal, Braintree, and
  • Easier maintenance and frequent updates
    It provides regular updates for better functionality.
  • Improved business mobility and increased growth rate
    It provides a better environment for dealers to expand their business.
  • Improved speed and better performance
    It is 50% faster and improved customer care service.
  • Better centric shopping experience
    It has more personalized customer experience about any device.
  • Open, flexible design
    It has a new look with better tools to customize.

Magento 2 is full of benefits. Some of its benefits are listed

  • Fast in action
  • Easy to understand and to use
  • Can be used on mobile
  • Better user interface
  • Secure transactions

Magebay Product Designer Tool for Magento 2

Online Product Designer Canvas (PDC) tool power up the Magento store and allows the user to customize any product according to its needs and desires before buying. It is a Magento extension and users have many options to personalize their product, which is present in the Magento store. It allows all types of modifications which include adding texts of different fonts, adding designs and adding uploaded images but the most preferred way is to customize the design on the basis of the sample design of the shop owner, add some work from the library of Artwork and also add quotes from the Quotes library.


  • Compatible with every type of Magento theme with better loading and customization.
  • Mobile responsive design that fit with almost all the mobile devices and tablets.
  • Without any special system requirement, it is easily installed on Magento store.
  • Users have the opportunity to add or save the design when needed after adding it to the cart.
  • Compatible with almost all payment and shipping methods.
  • Support Output format in SVG, PDF, PNG including multi artwork style including .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .SVG.
  • Users can share their favorite image from their Facebook, Twitter or any other social network account.
  • Easily translated into the desired language through multi-language feature.
  • Customers can alter different products sides using HTML ,jQuery, CSS are all opened the source code.
  • Customers can even buy previously bought custom product and even modify it before buying.
  • Users can share their modified product.

Magebay Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

Magebay is a provider of extension for Magento and Magebay marketplace extension transforms the Magento store into a thriving, powerful, and feature-rich online shopping mall. The sellers will have control to utilize the Vendor Cpanel for managing their own gross sales, merchandise, shipments, invoices, and credit score memos. All the sellers are provided with the customizable storefront inside the Market and customers are given this opportunity to give feedback for the seller every time as the order is placed. It will enable the vendors to:

  • Edit their products
  • Manage their accounts and inventory
  • Interact with the customers
  • Fulfill their orders.

Features of Magebay Website Extension

Magebay website is the top sale extension for Magento with the following major features:

  • Complete tracking of vendor sales and reports.
  • Get the exact date, month and year on all the sales.
  • Complete tracking of order status and sending customer invoice.
  • Easily changing of old products into new one.
  • Complete tracking of seller withdrawals requests.
  • An easy messaging system for both customer and vendors for product inquiry.
  • Allows the customers to customize the personalized product design through an online source.
  • Easy and manageable setup without having knowledge about the code of Magento.
  • Flexible, standard, and responsible source code.
  • Many types of printable products.
  • Output customized design in vector format.
  • Affordable, flexible, and commission-free pricing.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders for vendors on the basis of customer sale orders.
  • Automatic notification to customers.
  • Expandable with the plug-in.

Custom Product Designer Marketplace

Custom Product Designer Marketplace , watch the video below for more details:

Step to Build Personalize & Custom Product Designer Marketplace Website

I you want to start the business using one of the top online marketplace like Cafepress, Zazzle, Teespring, Viral styles, Spreadshirt. You need a custom website that supports the e-commerce marketplace. You Build Custom Product Designer Marketplace Website using our featured products that including Magebay Marketplace Extension and Product Designer Tool for Magento 2.

The cost of building online marketplace website is as follows:

  • Buy a domain which usually costs around $12, if it is bought from Site Ground.
  • $7.95 per month is the cost of hosting package for your website.
  • Download Magento Software which is easily accessible through the internet.
  • Magebay marketplace website extension: $299 ( )
  • Custom Product Designer Extension: $999 ( )
  • With the help of Purchased Marketplace and Product Designer you can easily install and make your marketplace using Magebay with our free installation help.

You can click contact us to get more question to create Custom Product Designer Marketplace.

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