How to get a good e-commerce solution is never easy for both web-store owners and developers. It depends on many factors like budget, technique or IT foundation. Currently, there are two kinds of e-commerce solutions including Hosted and Self-Hosted E-commerce solutions. Each solution brings advantages and benefits to web-store owners or Developers. Today, we will discuss Self-hosted e-commerce solution and list two open-source platforms that are highly considered on the e-business market in these years. Moreover, they are made more details when being built on Printing industry. The reason is Web-to-print solutions are much recommended now, remarking the development as booming of Print industry.

Self-Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

What benefits do they bring to Web store owners?

The first thing when we say about self-hosted e-commerce solution is More flexible and advanced that the rest. They are built on a certain foundation of Technique thus; they require a proficient technician with codes, ensuring to drive your web-site in backend and frontend as well.

We highly recommend these solutions because interest in them becomes our inspiration to develop and boost our tech-savvy experience and skill. Besides, for web store owners, they must find not difficult to have professional team build-up and improve web-store performance. While you can save much time and money, their installation creates more and more sales to your site. On the e-commerce market, Magento and WordPress with WooCommerce stand out among other items, for open-source platforms and powerful functions.

Self-Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

  • When it comes to Magento, Professional developers claim that it is a good PHP solution for medium to small business. It also has one of the best ecosystems of integrators on the market; as the result, it allows more autonomy and flexibility regarding solution development. We always look for the best solution that meets current and future business needs, aligns with organization, drives critical KPIs and supports key success factors for implementation. And Magento is suggested for these targets. And this PHP solution can be quickly rolled-out and has a good ratio of cost, quality and ease of integration.
  • WordPress with the best plug-in is perfect for e-commerce startup to get a feel for business in the way that is easy to digest, and does not cost an arm or a leg. WooCommerce is completely downloadable, with huge-flexible features that are very beneficial for newcomers. Plus, it readily opens the door more than just e-commerce when you use to build an online store. On our market, this solution supports over 51% of the top million websites in existence. Meanwhile, users are easy to choose between different WordPress enabled themes from different providers. You will have chance to work on changing pre-set CSS style and color themes, tweaking the code and experimenting with special features from them. This tool is professional but very simple for users because it is exactly what you need for a successful start-up.

Giving Stark Examples of Self-hosted solutions

Printing industry has witnessed such amazing development in recent years. The most outstanding trend of it belongs to Web-to-print. Along with a traditional industry, nowadays, we can easily select and create online design on Printing website. Providers of this item keep following with the trend and find the best e-commerce solution. This is an industry requiring both design and technical terms. Thus, Magento Printing and WordPress Web-to-print are good selection for Web-to-print owners. We have discussed about Self-hosted solutions for the part, so the second will say you How these solutions work in Printing industry as stark examples.

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