In this tutorial setup Magento Multiple Websites with Multiple Stores view in Magento 2. I will show you my experience in our recent project. This website requires setup Multiple websites with multiple store language. We have used Magento 2 for this project. I hope this tutorial will help someone.

Example, we want setup 4 domain websites and multiple store language for each site

  • include 3 language: English, Spanish, French
  • include 2 language: English, French
  • include only one language: English
  • include 3 languages: English, Spanish, French

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Magento 2 multiple websites

The steps to Setup Magento Multi Languages for your Store.

Step 1: Create New Website, Store, Store View

+ Create New Website: Click button Create Website to create 4 websites:,,,

+ Create New Store: Click button Create Store to create Store for each website. In this case you need to create 4 Store for each 4 website.

+ Create New Store View: Click button Create Store View to create store language for each webiste

  • website have 3 language with code: en , es, fr
  • website have 2 language with code: enca, frca
  • website have include 1 language with code: enuk
  • website have 3 languages with code: eneu, eseu, freu

Setup Magento Multiple Websites

Step 2: Setup URL for each Store

Go to: Stores > Settings > Configuration

On the left panel , go to: General > Web

Fill the Base URL for each store

Magento 2 setup store url

Step 3: Update file Index.php

Open file index.php and change as bellow to bring domain website to correct store view.

See example code bellow”

Now Your Magento Multiple Website Ready To Go Live!.

if you have any question for me, feel free to leave a comment bellow.

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