License Agreement

1. Benefits:

When you purchase our product with the license key activation request, you will receive a license as soon as you complete your order. With this license key, you can:

  • Activate the license key on any domains
  • Activate license key on local computer.
  • Use unlimitedly with the sub-domain or add-on domain, which license key was activated on the main domain.
  • Be allowed to multiply activate license on one domain.
  • Be allowed to activate on variety of domains based on the number of domains that you have.
  • Domain license will be attached with order id and your register information; we will not be responsible for using domain license of any others.
  • License key can be moved from a domain to another one if you have any requests.

2. Disadvantages:

  • Do not change the license key
  • Do not use a fake license key domain to activate on local host.
  • Do not remove the license key activation form on the system both before and after the custom module.
  • Do not share license key domain due to the directly impact to your order information.
  • 3. Violation:

    • Use products without activating license key domain.
    • Try to use a fake license key domain to activate module.
    • Try to remove license key activation form when custom module.
    • Try to use license key on several domains without the permission.

    All the violations involving licenses will be dealt in these following forms:

    • Suspend license domain activation if there are any signs of violation.
    • Stop using license domain permanently if there are not the desired responses after the suspended decision.
    • Prosecute under the law for module user if there is any editing to remove domain activation form of products.

    All the notifications will be responded directly through email that you used to create account when purchasing our products.

    When buying any products requiring license key domain, which means you agreed with these rules.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.