How to Use Product Designer Extension for customizing Product.

Product Designer Extension is one of Extensions Provide By . I this previous posts . I introduced How to create PDC product. Today I will introduce how to customize products With Product Design Extension.

Access Product and Open Design.

In the list product or home page, user will click product, System will redirect to product page . if this is PDC product , button Customized it is shown under button Add to cart. when user click to it, Popup design will display user can starting design product.

Design Product.

After opening design . user can add images, text, QR code, free drawing.

With images. He can add available images from website by click tab Add Clipart on the left. he also can change size, opacity images and place of images. especially , he can change colors images. With simple Images. (JPG, PNG, JPEG), he can convert to gray image. User also can upload Images from his computer , import from Instagram and Facebook. He can use the function in Upload image tab.

With text, User can add text by click to task Add Text on the left sidebar. He can edit properties for text like change font size, font Family, colors, box show…

Additionally, Extension also provide a lot of effects for text. you can see image below

With free drawing, User can drawing on canvas. Extension provides a lot kind of types which user can use to draw on canvas . He can change font size and color of line.

With QR code. it is very simple to add to canvas . on the left sidebar, user can click to Add Clipart -> Qr Code. He can select type and enter value to create QR code and add to canvas.

Download Design.

User can download design in popup design. On the top right, Click to Download system will show list menu download for user selected. He can download with PNG or PDF format.

Share Design to social.

There are many users want to share their image to social because they will receive a lot of comment and share from their friends. During Designing on popup Design. if they want to share it to social. they can click to Share menu on top right. System support some social like Facebook, Google +, Twitter. There are a lot of people will know design and they also your website.

Manager Layers.

this is importance because use should know all objects (Text, images, Qr Code) which he added to canvas. He can click to Layer Tab on the left sidebar. He will see all layers and price for each layer.

Save to Design.

After Designing. User can click to Save And Continue, if he doesn’t log in. popup login will display, After complete form login. Design will be saved to his list designs. Popup Design will be Close. Use can click to add to cart to add product to cart.

View List Designs.

Use can see his list designs in his account page. He can edit design which he want.

View Design in user’s Email. After Complete order, one email will send to user’s email. he can see designs in his email.

View Design in Admin orders. When view detail order in admin. Admin ca click to View Customized Design to view and download Design. Admin can download design with some formats like PDF contain SVG, PDF contain PNG, PNG, SVG, TXT.

Thank for reading the post. I hope that it uses full for you and your customers to understand about how to use Product Design Extension. If you have any Questions, you can send email to [email protected]. We will support for you.