Magento 2 How to configure Mangento Booking Extension

Magento Booking Extension is one of extensions provide by you can use it to customer can check and book rooms, services, events on your site. When you use the extension, customers can search available items very easy. They Also can see available items on calendars. Booking product extend Simple Product in Magento. You can setup and Manage Booking products, Booking Order very easily. In Previous, I have introduced how to install Magento Booking Extension. In this post, I Will introduce how to configure Magento Booking Extension.

I. General Setting

  • Enable in frontend. In order to use extension in frontend. you have to set Yes for the field.
  • Maximum booking. Set amount of booking items that customer can book in product page. Example . If I set it = 5. Customers only book 5 items or less than in product page.
  • Use Default Price. You Should set = No because Booking extension use separate price. If you set = Yes. Total Price = Product Price + Booking Price.
  • Checkout Action. you should enter checkout controller action of your site. It help extension work more well. Default checkout action in magento is checkout_index_index
  • Booking Address. Enable it if you use address in your your site.
  • Show Calendar. Enable it if you want to show calendar in product page. It help customers can see available items very easy.
  • Enable Shipping. Normally, customers will enter Shipping address when ordering. but with Booking products, you should disable the feature.
  • Map Zoom And Google API Key. If you use address in your site, you have to complete the fields. About Google API Key, you can check previous post.
  • Format Date , Change Time mode and Start Day. This is configuration for time system. You can setup format date ( E.G dd/mm/YY) , Time mode (12/24 hours) Start day in a week ( E.g Monday)

  • Enable Search and Show Link on top. In order to use search function in website. you have to enable it. It is better than if you enable link on top to customers can access easily.
  • Booking Category ID. This is default category in Magento. you can enter category ids to display in booking search page.
  • Number Items and Max Price. You can setting Number items and max price for booking search page.
  • Product Attribute. This is great feature for booking search page. You can setup product attribute for booking search page. They are shown on the left .

III . Advance Setting . ( User For PREMIUM) version.

This is feature user for enterprise version. when you use the feature, customers can see items on map. They can see distance between their location and booking items. Example: when I visit New your. I want to book a room to stay. I will go to booking search page, enable my location, I will see available items and distance. I will choose suitable item for me ( Distance, price, reviews )

Thank for reading this post. you can check more information about extension on link . if you have any question about the extension. You can contact to [email protected]. We will check and support for you.

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