Magento 2.3 add WYSIWYG Editor in phtml file

Magento 2.3 have some changes on WYSIWYG Editor

So, First of all you have to create a text area field like below.

<textarea cols="15" rows="2" class="textarea" name="product[description]" id="description"></textarea>

Then add below script to load jQuery and WYSIWYG editor and then assign to textarea having id description.

	], function(jQuery){
		wysiwyg = new wysiwygSetup("description", {
            "width":"99%",  // defined width of editor
            "height":"200px", // height of editor
            "plugins":[{"name":"image"}], // for image
            "tinymce4":{"toolbar":"formatselect | bold italic underline | alignleft aligncenter alignright | bullist numlist | link table charmap","plugins":"advlist autolink lists link charmap media noneditable table contextmenu paste code help table",

See result below :

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