Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension


Your Magento store into Marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy

in minutes within the best cost & our quality support service! Fully compatible with Magento 2

$299 / Single Magento Project

Full source code & Not encrypted

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!


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Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension will convert your magento store into Marketplace

Through 4 steps with lowest cost

Marketplace Pro with Magento

1. You have a Magento site

Magento is the best of top popular ecommerce. A powerful & flexible ecommerce platform.

Download Marketplace Pro for Magento

2. Install Multi Vendor Extension

Follow document guide to download and install. We can help you do install as free support.

setup the commissions and rulers

3. Setup the commission and rules

Configuration the commission and rules through admin dashboard. .

promote marketplace to vendors

4. Promote to customer and marketing

Popular your website to customer. You have done a marketplace site!

Magento Marketplace Extension gives enormous features to the vendors

See what your vendors can do to growth up your website with our extension

Magento Marketplace Extension Seller Dashboard
Magento Marketplace Sale Report
Seller Manage orders
Magento Multi Vendor Extension manage products
Vendors create withdraw requests
Magento Marketplace manage transactions
Magento2 Marketplace Manage Reviews
Magento 2 marketplace extension separate store
Magento 2 multi vendor extension Detail Product
Magento2 Multi Vendor Messages Addons


Magento 2 Multi Vendor have many great features will be updating in future.

Full open source code

You'll get full open source code

Magento 2 Marketplace module source code is also not encrypted. You can do customize or add more features to the developer team.

Get all addons

One package and get all addons

There are all add-ons in one package. Free lifetime download and upgrade if we have new add-ons in future.

Free Installation

Free installation service

Installation is easy and you can just follow document guide. We can help do an installation for free if it is new with you.

Document guide

Document guide: Easy to follow

You can download and read document guide before purchase Magento Marketplace module here.

Additional Plugins for Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

Paypal Adaptive Payment

Paypal Adaptive Payment

Automatically splits the payment between the owner and multi-vendors.

Advanced Report

Seller Advanced Report

The seller can view Bestsellers, Most Viewed Product reports by month, Week or custom date.

Messaging Addon

Messaging Addon

Allows the Customers to send the message to the sellers.

Social Login

Social Login

Allows customers to log in to your site by their social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn.

Advanced Commission

Advanced Commission

Admin can set up a different commission fee (in %) for each seller or for each product and categories with flexible conditions.

Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

Allows Sellers to set up multiple flat rate shipping. The seller can add fixed shipping price for per item or order.

Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping

Allows Sellers to set the table rate shipping for their products. Seller can set the conditions for the table rate shipping of their products. as Weight vs. Destination.

Sellers to A Single Product

Seller Price Comparison - Multiple Sellers to A Single Product

Allow display multiple sellers for a single product. Seller can add the same product with different price and stock units.

Vendor store locator

Seller Locator

Finding seller stores should be effortless than ever by radius or city, zip code...

Seller Vacation

Seller Vacation

Allows Seller can put the shop on vacation and show a notice message on their store/product pages

Mass Import/Export Products

Mass Import/Export Products

Allows Sellers to upload products in bulk instead of one by one. Easily Import/Export products in CSV format.

Marketplace Membership


Membership Addon allows the admin to manage Seller's Membership and apply restrictions for uploading the products on Seller's Store

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Standard Custom Edition


  • Magento 2 Community
  • 30 days

Professional Save $274


  • Magento 2 Community
  • 30 days

Enterprise Save $697


  • Magento2 Community & Enterprise
  • 30 days

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Customer Reviews - Magento 2 Marketplace by Magebay

Let's see how customers love Magebay Multi Vendor Marketplace module for Magento 2

11 reviews: (4.9/5)

Excellent experience with Magebay Marketplace Extension functionalities

-- Junie Pigeon :

Hey, I am Junie Pigeon and I would like to share my recent experience using Magebay extension. This product is like a dream come true and a perfect complement to e-commerce websites. It comes with incredible features and a high amount of flexibility and customization that makes it the most recommended option. Along with using extended marketplace core functionalities, options to avail administrator and seller/merchant functionalities are also possible. All these features come with an informative and user-friendly dashboard. Once I identified my needs, I chose the necessary plug-ins and additional options to enhance the functionality.

Easy to use and install extension with great support

-- Boake Moore :

There is no better choice to convert your store into an online marketplace other than Magebay module. Another plus point about this product is that it is easy to install and use as well. You also get excellent support if you feel the need and they are more than willing to answer your questions and guide you through. Even though I am not a web developer, I still find it easy to configure and manage this product. I have also not come across any issues despite using it for a long time. Thanks Magebay!.

A complete Marketplace module with Full Add-ons

-- Bill Hester :

Apart from all the regular features needed for the effective online marketplace functioning, with Magento Marketplace Extension by Magebay you also get to choose from an exhaustive list of add-ons to satisfy your needs. It works well with both the enterprise as well as the community version of Magento. Support for multiple stores is worth mentioning, along with the availability in many languages. When all this is backed by awesome product support, it makes for a truly excellent experience.

Having great experience for converting my Magento Store into a Big Ecommerce website

-- Ray R. Dixon :

I was on the lookout for a marketplace that could help me establish my online fashion store offering top designer brands through auctions. I found the perfect answer in this extension that helped me achieve this and run my business smoothly. This extension along with a few add-ons now enables me to run my store like other big e-commerce sites Etsy, ASOS, eBay, Amazon.

Fantastic module with complete tracking of all seller and buyer transactions

-- Jason Smith :

I express my profound gratitude to Magebay for their fantastic product. The product is designed in such a way that it is easy to manage the seller orders and the payout. This extension allows me to accumulate all my sales orders and easily pay the seller via the backend. It helps to manage products, setting up seller wise commission rates, and track all payment transactions seller wise, easily.

Best Magento Multi Vendor Extension with advance payment option and social connectivity!

-- Andrea R. Iverson :

Having used this extension since last few months, I can say with a certainty that this stands out from other products due to the additional plug-ins made available. PayPal Adaptive Payment, Advanced Reporting System for Bestsellers & Most Viewed Products etc. are just a few of the attractive plug-in options. What makes this even more fantastic is that it allows you to send messages to the seller using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Magento Marketplace Module helps to boost sale by completely customize your store.

-- Pamela Martin :

We have availed this module for our online store set using Magento 2. It is with great pleasure that I would like to say that we have seen a great boost in our sales and online presence. This is one of the best Multi Vendor extensions for Magento as it comes with full source code, full add-ons and a free installation too. It is also easy to install and configure along with being customizable as well as it is 100% open source. My experience with this gives me the satisfaction to fully recommend this product.

This module allows feedback and rating that will help to improve your products.

-- Debra D. McMillan :

We have seen a noticeable upward trend in our business since we started using this module. One of the best things that we loved is the messaging and social login add-ons which our customers could access leading to a rise in the product and customer service feedback provided. Seller and product ratings are also enabled on the store. I feel that this is the best possible extension for receiving customer feedbacks and ratings and I express my heartfelt thanks to Magebay

The best way to build an online marketplace booking system website.

-- Richard Matthew :

I am running my hotel that offers online booking facility for the worldwide traveler. It helps create a marketplace website which is also compatible with Booking System Pro for making an online hotel room booking system. If you running hotels, event's organizers, rentals, accommodation, doctors, therapists, traveling business and need online marketplace with booking system then this is the best option for you.

Excellent module for Magento website with Customizing Product Design function.

-- Michael A. Harkins :

With the help of the Custom Product Designer module, this extension allows my customers to personalize their clothing online. It has helped me set up an online marketplace like other big e-commerce sites like Cafepress, Zazzle, Teespring, Viralstyle, Spreadshirt. Product customization is also possible as it is compatible with Products Designer Canvas, allowing options like Output vector (SVG) & Ready-to-Print (PDF) and Full supported Magento.