The Magebay Team

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shooting star
shooting star

Our leadership

  • Quang Calvin

    CEO, Co-founder,

  • David Duc

    Co-founder, Project Management

Our team

  • Hau Nguyen

    Full-Stack Developer, Product Analyst

  • Hanh Nguyen

    Magento Frontend Developer

  • Loi Nguyen

    Magento Frontend Developer

  • Hung Duy

    Full-Stack Developer, PDP Team

  • Kien Tran

    Full-Stack Developer, MVM team

  • Uoc Mai

    Full-Stack Developer, BKP team

  • Tan Zuko

    Full-Stack Developer, PDP team

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Quang Pink

    Marketing Guru

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