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How to Create Time slot Booking Type in Booking extension.

  • Today Internet is more and more popular. the most people use internet, especially young persons. If you have products or services , you should push products or services on internet . Everyone can know about your products or services. With the products, you can easy make website to sell them, Customers can see and buy the product on the website bu with services , it is more complex. When you push your service on the website. Customers can see it but it is not easy to book it because they are depended to time. You also spend a lot of time to setup time for your service.

    Example: You have a service from Monday to Friday. Your service start 7 – 10 AM in the morning with 50 quantity, price is 100$ and it start from 7 PM to 9 PM with 60 quantity, price is 200. You want to customer can check and book online your service . it is difficult to setup it with simple product. The all problem will be solved if you Time slot Booking Type in our Booking Extension.

    Booking Extension is one of extension for Magento provide by . When using the extension , Customers can check and book a lot of book service on Magento site. in this post .  I will introduce How to Create Time Slot Booking Type on Booking Extension.

    The first , you can create new booking type . Go to Catalog -> Product -> Add new – > Booking Type . after Creating new Product, click to Booking configuration to setup Booking Data.

    In the Booking type tab, choose Booking type Tab 

    next step, Click to Pricing & Availability tab ( Importance) to setup time slot for booking service.

    You can setup data like that , as you can see , I have setup 2 time slot with different quantity and price

    Product will show in frontend like this. As you can see, customers can check and book

    Like other product type in the extension, you also can add facilities, addon & sell and discount for the time slot booking type. I hope the document is useful for you. if you have any question. you can send email to . We will check and support for you.

    Product Demo :




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