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Formatting Issue after installing PDP designer tool.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for developing the wonderful extension and very clear and tutorial video for Integration and usage of the extension.

    While the extension works fine. We are having some display related problem in the extension. Following are the list of errors we are getting:

    Error 1 : Formatting of buttons.
    Error 2 : Modal Box shifts to extreme left unlike in demo its in center.
    Error 3 : Image Overlaps properties after after customizing the product.
    Error 4 : Some wierd problem where image comes out of the product thumbnail.
    Error 5 : Customization demo button is missing.

    Please check attached image for the screen shot of errors.

    Our Website link :
    Link to customize product :

    We have bought 1 domain licences

    here are the images for errors.

    Hi Abhishek,

    This happen with the custom theme. In category page, we need to modified the template file to show the “Custom it” there. In the product page, we also need to change css to make it work with your theme properly.

    Please send us access info (FTP, backend) to [email protected]

    We will help you then,

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