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Manage Clipart Categories

  • This topic will guide you through the management of cliparts categories. This category will appear at front-end when enable:

    Let’s go

    1. Manage Clipart Categories Page

    From the Backend Dashboard, navigate to the Cliparts->Clipart Categories

    On this page you will see an overview of the available categories and actions with one or more categories.

    Annotate the items on the page:

    1. Batch Action / Batch Selection: Category
    2. Add or Import a new category
    3. Search for categories
    4. An overview of each category
    5. Edit a category
    6. Delete a category
    7. Paging and total items

    2. Add / Edit Clipart Category Page

    When you click Add New / Edit a category.

    An Aside will appear, You will change / replace or add new information for that category.

    1. Back to Manage Clipart Categories Page
    2. Category title
    3. Status (Enable/Disable)
    4. Thumbnail image of Category. 

    5. Parent Category
    6. Description
    7. Ordered Placement. (in ascending order, starting at 0. You can also change the sorting options in the Configuration section.)
    8. Save the changes

    9. Assign cliparts to this category.


    Thank you for reading!

    Cheers 🙂!~

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