The SEO process: 3 steps to create a complete SEO plan

As we all know, SEO is a very important part in Marketing Online. Different from the other forms of paid advertising, SEO needs a lot of time, effort and can the web page owner should bear the risk. An SEO project usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, even years. The mistake while planning, SEO strategy will make your effort takes white.
In this article, I will share how to build a complete SEO plan. 

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1. Research

Keyword research is the factor determining the needs of clients, from which we get the plans to provide products or services to clients in a better way.

This is the first step and also is the most important step. When start implementing a project I always spend a lot of time on it. To effective SEO campaigns and optimize costs, you need to identify the keywords you want to SEO.

Usually, the Seoer will often use a number of tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords that have the number of searches monthly average high. Because of this that all Seoer are all SEO focus those keywords difficulty to promote their own SEO process.

If you focus on the keywords that are highly competitive to SEO then please research the client instead of keyword research. For example when you are doing SEO for a service company specializing in computer repair, when you search on Google Keyword Planner with the keyword “computer repair” it will suggest other keywords such as “computer repair near me“, the keyword “computer repair near me” is the keyword search customer needs.

The SEO process: the steps to create a complete SEO plan for 2017

Sometimes, the business after watching the keyword ideas suggested will be surprised because the average monthly search volume is pretty much. So, the process of keyword research according to demand searching of customers is of the utmost importance, it not only helps for SEO becomes easier but also helps you reach customers in the best way.

2. Research competitors

The process of analyzing competitors in SEO is also an integral part of your SEO plan. Competitor analysis helps you can grasp the opportunity to push up the higher ranking website. But I see a lot of people do not attach importance to this step that just focus on SEO keyword without attention to his opponents how strong or weak. This is a very wrong thought.

The SEO process: the steps to create a complete SEO plan for 2017

For example, when you do SEO services in the field of fashion, your opponents are ranked high with the number of backlinks up to millions of backlink? So what would you do? Sure many will think “if they try to build backlink then it will be rated high”. If you think so then that was wrong. Your opponent has a team of SEO and you alone. So how to you can gain a backlink so big? You will sit down and begin to build backlink until would gain more backlink number or by opponents? You will soon give up 🙂

Because of this that the process of analyzing the opponent is very important. Competitors have ranked high thanks to the backlink, but their content was poor quality. Why don’t we focus on building quality content instead of chasing the backlink. Make smarter, should not follow the path of rivals, find the methods don’t spend much effort that the most effective.

3. Website optimization 

Website optimization is the decisive step in your website’s ranking on search engines. The work includes website optimization as the choice of keywords, use the tag in the article how to search engine friendly.

Typically, most often we optimize website in the title tag, meta description, building the internal links within the website. Besides generating quality content also accounted for 50% of success the goal ranking for keywords. This requires you to meticulously research. 

The product, the service would like to provide? Users who are in need of looking for something? This brings customers for you. The content attracts users who will make them interested in more product.

4. Use social networks for websites

Today social networks are a lot of people use. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube … Once information about your products, your services are posted on the social networking site, this information will quickly be spread from person to person. The main thing that will help you promote to users the most widely.

The SEO process: the steps to create a complete SEO plan for 2017

5. Link building

Here are the steps to help your keywords to achieve the high position on the search engines. Why? Because if those keywords are high competitive,  On-page cannot help you to be the best location. That need the support of the backlink. 

However, in the construction of the link, you should build backlink on the web page has a high reputation. When link building you need to diversify the anchor text in a reasonable manner. Avoid having only focused on one main keyword backlink like would be to stick to google’s algorithms such as Penguin.

A lot of SEOer still stick to the mistakes. I often visit the forums, blog about SEO and see so many people put off the question as ” why do I build backlinks but keywords have low position in the rankings? my website has a lot of backlinks but keywords not ranking high? ” that’s because you don’t generate backlink building plan.

 Many people still build backlink massively and not often. This is not a beneficial thing for your website. For example, many SEOer spent a week to build backlink, increase the number of backlink to website.  Then suddenly does not work anymore. If you look at google webmaster you’ll see a graph up and down, or if your site has 100 backlinks but is suddenly increased the number up 1000 backlinks, maybe you are about to face the Google algorithm


With the update of google algorithms as Penguin, Panda, SEO is no longer simple tips can overcome any opponent on google anymore. SEO now entered a new phase which should have plans.

Above is my SEO plan have done and the success, so I want to share with you. All of the comments from you will help us build a best SEO plan.
I wish you good SEO and get the innovations in SEO to achieve high rankings on Google.

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