Success story: Authentic Espadrilles For Woman, Men & Kids

DIEGOS.COM - The brand of handcrafted espadrille globally in Spain.

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Also known as Espadrille store, provides Authentic Traditional Espadrilles from Spain, entirely handcrafted in northern Spain.

We know that making a handmade product is not easy. The work requires the meticulous and very skilled experience. However, promoting products to consumers and launch an e-commerce site to sell them is not easy work as well.

The success of Diegos online store is a huge boost for the Magebay team. So we write this story, hope this will be useful for you, who are planning to build a new brand with Magento.

What they had

Diego is an artist. He and his team have created handmade textile products such as shoes, handbags, bags & accessories for men, women, and kids. Their products are very beautiful design, eco-friendly and good price.

They have several local stores, open agents in several countries and grow with great sales.
However, the traditional way does not bring much revenue breakthrough as well as time-consuming operation. Diego has contacted us, he is ready to move the brand to online with the original choice on the Magento platform.

What they needed

The original idea was not simple, Diego wanted the buyer to personalize shoe with the accessories he wanted. So for each order, the user will try to create a personalized design product. Craftsman will produce and ship the finished products to consumers.

In Magento, you can easily set up products, shipping methods, payment methods then launch site.

However, Diego needs more than that, he needs a well-designed interface, a friendly web store across all devices.
Diego also needs some modules to create special features that allow users to design their own products.

What we did

We transformed the idea of Diego from designs to the great Magento site. Getting started by converting the PSDs to Magento theme and developed all the necessary modules.
The store designs were​ designed by Diego very carefully and meticulously and it is special unique. All of us like and tend to buy products at websites with eye-catching designs and personality.
We build the product configurator builder, where users choose their product colors, even shoelaces. has been launched successfully​ within 3 months of development. Online sales increase up to 2 - 3 times, along with traditional local stores.

Moved to Magento 2: Big step forward to success

The site was developed in 2016 when Magento 2 arrived at the first stage before the release of the first version. Diego decided to switch into Magento 2 because all the feature-rich of Magento 2 are meeting the requirement for the growing of customers. The system will be optimized, save a lot of time and operating cost.

We were again working with Diego and his firm. We handed over the website and data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for a month.
Admittedly, as soon as Magento 2 was released, we made the wrong assumptions about the features of this new version.

Magento Inc has the biggest breakthrough in the version. For Magento 2, it meets most of the largest e-commerce systems requires.


Amazing experience, across all devices. The result was a big drive towards their growth goals. With the launch of the site, have taken the first step in a critical journey that will empower them to quickly and affordably create unique experiences to boost engagement, sales, and a bottom line across all their online brands.

The final step they want, we also hope, move the store to a Magento 2 mobile app as soon as possible.

Written by Calvin, approved the content by Diego, CEO of
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