Magento checkout process in Magento 2 is very flexible and fastest then Magento version 1.x . It was improved to customers are not be too many time for enter the information customer in checkout page. And I think it will help increase your conversion rates. I appreciate this change of Magento.

Magento Checkout Process Steps that the customers must go through.

Step 1: Shipping Address

When the customer go to checkout page, the first thing they need to do is fill the shipping address.

Magento Checkout Process

Once customer fill their email into Email Address input, Magento will automatic searching this email in customer database if this customer is exists then they can login to their account to continue checkout.

Some common information in this step like: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Company, Stress Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone number.

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Step 2: Shipping Methods

Once the customer had complete their info shipping address then Magento will use the information shipping address in Step 1 to display shipping method.

List Shipping Methods display bellow the Shipping Address block. It is very useful for customer. The Shipping Method will immediately appear once the customer completely fill their shipping address.

Magento Checkout Shipping Method

The default magento support almost shipping method from popular carrier like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL And website owners can add any extra special shipping method via Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates.

Step 3: Payment Method

This is the most important step of checkout process. The default Magento support almost common payment method as paypal, braintree, derict post, check / money order, bank transfer payment, cash on delivery payment, zero subtal checkout, purchase order.

Magento Checkout Payment Method

After the customer has chosen a payment method and click “Place Order” button, The customer can be redirected to another site to complete the transaction.

The customer can apply discount code in this step. Order summany will immediately update order total with discount price with reload checkout page.

Step 4: Receive Confirmation

The order confirmation page appears after the customer click “Place Order” and complete the transaction, and an order confirmation email is sent to the customer and Admin. The Customers can also create a customer account in this page by click button “Create an Account”

Customer can see detail their order and print detail order if needed.

Enhanced Magento Checkout Process with One Step Checkout extension.

Our module will help customer easy to fill their info shipping and billing address and also they can update their cart quickly ( change qty, remove products, apply coupon code ). All information will be show on only one page.

You can check our extension at

See detail our video to see how it working on our client website.

This is the interface of the checkout page on our client website after they installed our one step checkout extension.

Magento One Step Checkout Magebay

New magento checkout process is much faster now, it is very useful , easy and quickly checkout process for Magento. The customer can completed all checkout steps on 1 page that don’t have any doubts

After enhanced checkout process for magento 2, Checkout page will include more features:.

  • Customer can create account on checkout page
  • Customer put their comments for order
  • Separate shipping and billing form
  • Automatic complete info address with Google address suggest and autocomplete
  • Customer can update their cart like change qty, remove products
  • Responsive & User-friendly interface, look good on all devices mobiles, tablets

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