What is Magento multi vendor theme? 

Magento multi vendor theme is a responsive theme that will fit in all screen resolution either you are using an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or browsing on a big screen this theme will be compatible for all. After using this theme you can get all the seller list and products on the front page of your Magento store.

In this competitive market, it’s really hard to survive in the marketplace. After the innovation of technology and customer attraction towards the online market, a businessman now investing in the online marketplace to boost their sale volume as well as promote their business.

There are a number of marketplace extensions and theme are available in the market which supports different type of features. If you have a Magento website and want to convert it to an online marketplace, it’s a time to install Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Module which will enable you to convert your Magento store into and online marketplace.

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Features of Magebay Magento Multi Vendor Theme for Seller

1: Seller Dashboard

Seller dashboard will help you to track the total Order sale as well as total income of your store. You can see the income on weekly monthly and yearly basis. You can also see the order status including complete, pending, processing, canceled and on hold order list. You can also get the sale reports with best seller and latest review on products and seller.


Seller Dashboard - Magento Multi Vendor Theme

Seller Dashboard

2: Seller Profile

You can also set the custom store details and seller profile under this tab. You can select SEO friendly URL, company banner, shipping policy, return policy and other business information that a customer may need: twitter, facebook, contact number, company, address, zipcode…

 Seller Profile - Magento Multi Vendor Theme

Seller Profile

3: Manage Configurable Product’s Attribute

The seller has a complete access to create attribute for configurable products. Which include Attribute Code, Attribute Label, Catalog Input Type and value required for configuring any product in the store.


Create Attribute - Magento Marketplace Theme

Create Attribute

4: Add New Product

The seller can add much products by using the product type or by setting the attribute against any product. External interface, the seller will select attribute and type for its products, this will help the seller to manage a number of product under any specific attribute or product type.

Add New Product - Magento Marketplace Theme

Add New Product

The next step, the seller will go to final interface to complete product details. Here, sellers can use functions like: Enable Product, Attribute Set, Product Name, Date, SKU, Price, Search Engine Optimization, Images And Videos, Product in Websites, Downloadable Information  … and many other functions. These functions help customers in the store know what is needed then a decision to buy or not.

Add New Product - Magento Marketplace Theme

Add New Product

5: Products List

Products list will show the seller complete details of product that you had place in the store. The seller can change status, delete, get the name of product, price of product, thumbnail, status of approval and other necessary action of store products.and other necessary action of store products.

Products List - Magento Marketplace Theme

Products List

6: Orders List

This list is designed to help the seller for tracking the order details which include, purchase date, name of the customer, total amount of order and order status. Which will help for a complete and up to date information regarding your orders?

My Products List - Multi Vendor Theme

My Products List

7: Advanced Report

This feature allows the seller to generate the report on basis of total sale, income, order status, detail reports interactions with the product (views) and other information regarding unit sold & profit earn. The seller can get custom report consist for a specific time period you select in calendar.

Advanced Report - Multi Vendor Theme

Advanced Report

8: Withdrawals

The seller can choose such withdrawal methods Paypal, Perfect Money, Skrill … You can also get the complete withdrawal request information including the payment method, fees and withdrawal history. Which will help you to plan and maintain the store products?

Withdrawal - Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module



9: Messages

The seller can get all the messages sent by the client under this tab. The complete details of sender, message and time will be given in this section for all the customers.

Message - Magento Multi Vendor Module



Benefit for Sellers / Vendors

Magento Multi Vendor Theme will help you to an end to end support to the multi-vendor module for sharing and displaying the rating, information and other details required by the customers. Main features that provide by this theme to vendor and seller are:

  • You can get a separate profile for each seller/vendor with their name.
  • You can display the rating of each seller/vendor on their profile.
  • Each Seller profile shows the actual location where they providing services.
  • Each seller/vendor can post their product and services images for better awareness.
  • An easy way to contact the seller/vendor to get information or queries.
  • Seller/vendor can integrate their social media accounts.
  • Seller/vendor reviews which help the customer to choose the right product or service.

Whatever you need regarding and online marketplace the Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions will help you to get all that features. So if you want a complete custom view of your online marketplace with the custom product and services displaying feature to attract the customer, multi-vendor Magento theme is the best option for you. So let get start with this multi-vendor them and boost your sale volume!

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