Customer Support

Common Questions


1. Are your products compatible with extensions/themes of other providers?

In most cases, our products can work well with extensions/themes of other providers. If there’s any conflict, we will try our best to help you fix the issues for free.

2. Can I request trial?

Our extensions are not provided with trial versions. You can test all functions on our demo site. The module source code are customizable, 100% open, not encrypted.

3. Can I use your product's Community version for a website using Magento Enterprise?


Ordering and Delivery

1. How can I cancel a pending order to place a new one?

Please contact our sale guy to get help cancel and create new order.

2. How can I get the products after purchasing?

When the order is completed, you will receive an email that guides you how to get the products after purchasing. You can also login to MageBay by your registered email and go to My Account > My Downloadable Products to download the items that you purchased.

3. How long does it take to get my purchased items after placing order?

Immediately, right after your order is completed.

Product Update

1. Can I get the updated version and what is the fee for it?

Yes. All updated version are free.

2. How can I receive the updated version?

All notification of new updates will send to your subscribed newsletter email.

3. How often do you update your products?

It depends on each module. We will take the priority to the secure issues and compatible with new Magento version.

Domain License

1. How many stores can I use an edition of your product?

It depends on each product with or without domain license key activation.

2. How many test/development sites can I use your product after purchasing?

It is unlimited for active the domain license key on sub domain, add on domain and localhost. For any special development domain, you want to contact us to get help.

3. Can I active the license key on dev server then switch into live server when completed development?

You can contact us to reset the domain license key to switch domain any time.

Refund policy

1. Can I ask for a refund after purchasing?

If you are unsatisfied with our product, you can get a refund during 30 days after you purchase.

2. Can I get a refund for the installation service?

As the fee is paid for the amount of time that we spend on serving you, it cannot be refunded.

3. I purchased over 30 days ago but I haven’t used your product. Can I ask for a refund?

It is not available after 30 days. However, we will try to give you the maximum support to solve all the problems that may occur.


1. Is there any additional cost after purchasing your product?

There is no additional cost.

2. Is there any way I can get discounts?

You can subscribe our newsletter to get notification of promotional programs. Its also published on Promotional programs page. You can also contact us via live support for more details.

3. Is there difference in price between the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition?

No difference price.

Support policy

1. Where I can submit a ticket to get support?

You can submit your issues through our contact us page or Live chat system.

2. What kind of access information do I need to provide to your guys when send request help?

Your order id or payment transaction, customer email and the access information(FTP with writable permission, Magento Admin access) to your Magento store.

3. I purchased over 3 months ago, do you still support me?

We have lifetime support for any bug related to our module in 1 year. So not to worry about it, just let us know your issues.


1. What allowed payment methods to checkout?

We are accepted Paypal, MoneyBooker(Skrill). With both payment method, you can pay by using your credit card in safety transaction. If you can't use these payment method, just contact us to get help.

2. Is my order information safe when purchasing in Magebay?

The security is our top priority. So all your information will be protected.