Top Magento Extensions

Marketing (3 items)

Attract new visitors, increase sales, and improve customer retention. Marketing Apps and services help drive traffic, manage your SEO, sell on new channels, and promote your products.

  • Sticker & Product Labels

    Sticker & Product Labels

    Easy to manage Sales Sticker & product Labels with your own icons.
    Get more attention from customer to get more sale!
  • Gift Cards - Gift Certificates

    Gift Cards - Gift Certificates

    Module allows customers to buy and send a gift voucher to their friends.
    Admin can setup difference price for the gift card(fixed price, price range, dropdown price)

Sales(7 items)

Find Apps to help you grow your business, sell more products, and increase your revenue per order. Provide smart recommendations, recover abandoned checkouts, and more.

Social Media(2 items)

Social Apps can simplify and track customer sharing and grow your social presence. Engage with your customers and promote your store on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

  • Social Login

    Social Login

    Customer can easy sign up your store by using their social accounts in one click.
    Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / Google Account / Instagram
  • Google Rich Snippets

    Google Rich Snippets

    Attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google

Shipping(2 items)

Streamline your shipping process, making it as fast and smooth as possible for your customers. We support apps that simplify every step of the fulfillment process from warehousing to tracking.

  • Store Pickup - Shipping Extension

    Store Pickup - Shipping Extension

    Allows customers to choose a near store to shipping
    Easy Delivery & Pickup Options
  • Store Locator Pro - Google Maps

    Store Locator Pro - Google Maps

    Find store near your location with many rich features:
    - Flexible and intuitive searching by variety of parameters such as Your Address, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, City, Country.
    - Custom Map Location Icons

Navigation(3 items)

Easy control your navigation or mega menu with app.

  • Menu Creator Pro

    Menu Creator Pro

    Create & manage Magento navigation menu system, so smart and easy!
  • Shop by BRANDs

    Shop by BRANDs

    Allows customers can browses and shop products by specific brands (manufacturers, artists, authors, etc.)
  • Products Slider Pro

    Products Slider Pro

    Products Slider generator.
    100% Responsive sliders

Customer Service(3 items)

Improve user experience with feature rich modules like Fancy Checkout or Quick shopping extensions.

Tools(4 items)

Make your store be professional and more special with our tools.

Catalog/Product(5 items)

Rich features to apply on the catalog/product page.