Magebay Marketplace Seller Attribute Options Management Online Document Guide

Magento Marketplace Vendor Attribute Options Management plugin allows the admin to add more attributes to the vendor profile page. It is very useful and flexible, admin can easily manage attributes of vendor profile. Admin can add any extra vendor options into profile page on seller dashboard.

Magento Marketplace Vendor Attribute Options Management is a plugin of Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension, so you need installed this module first to used. Magento Multi Vendor


  • Allow Admin can create extra attributes for vendor’s profile
  • Admin can disable or enable attributes which display on profile page
  • Admin can show custom attribute on vendor registration page
  • All attributes can add to create/update profile page
  • Vendors update their info with more custom attribute
  • Allow Buyer can see the attributes value on the vendor’s profile page.
  • It compatible with all other addons of Multi Vendor Marketplace extension.

Admin can create new attributes for vendor’s and make it visible on the vendor profile page. Vendor can add more info for their profile page. It helps the customer see more detail about vendor information.

This module is very useful, It helps admin can customize their website easily through backend.

Other Features:

  • 100% open source, not encrypted code. easy to customize.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Include responsive design, looking good on all devices( desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Support Multi Store, Multi Language
  • User-Friendly interface

This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module .To use this module you must have installed first Magebay Marketplace Module.

Installation Guide

Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. The extracted folder has an src folder, inside the src folder you have the app folder. You need to transfer this app folder into the Magento2 root directory on the server as shown below.

After the successful installation, you have to run these commands in the Magento2 root directory.

  1. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  2. php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  3. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  4. php bin/magento cache:flush

Use Guide :

1. Admin can manage seller attributes

2. Admin can add/edit seller attributes