Magento is a powerful and stable e-commerce platform among all the e-commerce platform. Magento 2 is out. You may be asking yourself whether you should upgrade your e-commerce website to Magento 2 or not.

Upgrading your Magento store to Magento 2 will bring amazing SEO features and provides an ease to the buyers and the sellers for online shopping. Magento 2.x is SEO friendly. Intuitive admin panel, high stability, great performance, better compatibility and high scalability, these are features which differentiate Magento 2 from Magento 1.

Magento 2.x comes with a variety of SEO features that can optimize your Magento or e-commerce site like Meta tags, page titles, URLs, ALT tags, H1 headings.

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About Magento 1.x:

Magento is a very flexible platform. The beauty of Magento 1 platform is that users can create Magento e-commerce stores with a variety of functions using built-in extensions.

But unfortunately, flexibility doesn’t make Magento 1 platform, the most user-friendly or a high performing platform. Performance optimization, mobile responsiveness, admin capabilities, these are some common needs of any e-commerce store which is why to address these issues, the Magento team comes up with the upgraded platform like Magento 2.x.

Benefits of Magento 2:

Magento 2.x got the features which make it the best platform in comparison with others. Even it can compete with other e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Faster Performance:

Comparing Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Well, your Magento 2.x website will run an average of 20% faster with the increase of more sales and Search Engine Optimization.

It is because Magento 2 has an extension called “Varnish Cache” which speeds up the load time of your page on both enterprise and community editions. Varnish loads the page in less than a second rather than waiting for it to render.

Do remember slow page loads time results in lower conversion rates, Google ranking, and higher bounce rate. This is the first most important advantage for Magento store to migrate it to the Magento 2 platform.

User-Friendly and Easy Checkout:

Magento 2.x checkout process is more streamlined, making the whole checkout process quicker and easier. The Checkout in Magento 2 is highly customizable and requires fewer steps for customer information.

The second most important feature of Magento 2.x is less abandoned carts and increased conversions. Another feature which encourages the online customers to revisit your e-commerce site is, at checkout, a default guest checkout screen will appear to enter the email address. If it matches with any of the existing customers then they will be provided with an option to check out faster with their saved information.

A guest visitor on your website can create an account in one click from the order Thank You page.

Key Integrations:

Magento 2.x integrates a lot of popular extension for the better functionality of any Magento e-commerce store. These includes the payment gateways like Paypal and Braintree, making a lot more easy for Magneto 2 developers to integrate any of the payment platforms on their Magento store.

The benefit of Magento 2 is, it is also integrated with Worldpay and Cybersource to increase the payment security.

New Admin Interface:

A better new interface in Magento 2 will reduce the time managing the online store. In Magento 2, admin can customize the admin panel for important business information to be accessed quickly. It will result in personalized admin panel for each user to increase the productivity when managing products, order and customer data.

You can import products 4x faster in the upgraded version of Magento. The admin interface in Magento 2 includes drag and drop layout editing that means you do not extensive coding to modify your Magento store’s online appearance.

Mobile Responsive:

Magento 2 is more mobile friendly. Mobile responsiveness improves sales as customers prefer shopping online from their smartphones. Keeping it in mind, Magento team made mobile responsiveness a key feature to introduce in the core Magento 2 platform.

Magento 2 comes with responsive, SEO friendly designed themes, integrated video, and easier checkout, improving the look and function of your Magento stores on small screen devices, thus, increase mobile sale.

Bonus Benefit: The additional benefit of Magento 2, is its admin panel is also touch screen friendly, helping you manage the store on the go.

But…..Change is not easy to Adapt!

Magento 2 has not become popular much. But customers are steadily moving towards this new platform. This is because several factors are contributing to this like Magento 1 users do not want to revamp or rebuild their existing Magento site, they are comfortable and happy with the Magento 1 and the last factor Magento 2 extensions are not enough.

Time to Upgrade the Magento Version

So, now you know the benefits and advantages of upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 It’s high time to start planning the upgrade timeline by documenting the business needs, requirements and goals for Magento 2.

Final Thoughts

For all Magento store owners, it’s the time to give your customers the benefits this year with the Magento 2 new features and beautifully coded extension upgrades.

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