Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions released by Magebay on 15th March 2015 is a great extension which helps the Magento store owner to make their store and an online marketplace where they can sell products and manage their agent. You can get the same features as big commerce website have like Amazon, EBay and many other.

Magebay constantly development new add-ons that work with Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions and boost the performance of this Magento multi vendor extension. There are a number of features that are being added in this module including complete seller and billing dashboard, CSV product upload, advanced commissioning system and many other features. All these features help the seller to manage all of their online business easily.

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1 : Adaptive PayPal Marketplace Payment 

This module is an plugin of Magento Marketplace Extension . To use this moudle you must have installed first Marketplace extension. Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions coming with a new add-on which is PayPal integration. This add-on will help for Adaptive PayPal Marketplace Payment. Admin of the store can easily transfer the payment as well as a commission to the vendor account automatically rather than manually. So buyer have the ease to buy product online with paying the largest payment platform.

There are three conditions under which payments are made:

  • Payment to the vendor when a product is being sold.
  • Payment to the vendor when an order shipped with a complete status.
  • Payment to vendor manually when their earning showing in the admin billing panel.
Magento Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment – Backend Setting
  • Supports Parallel and Chained Type payment
  • Admin can change the title of the module
  • Admin can select the live or sandbox mode
  • Admin will enter various PayPal information.
  • Easy to enable or disable Paypal Adaptive Payment Payment method.
Adaptive PayPal Marketplace Payment - Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions

Adaptive PayPal Marketplace Payment – Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions

2: Seller Price Comparison

Seller Price Comparison is an add-on that working perfectly with Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions. This add-on enables comparison for a single product of different seller on the store as well as compare the single product price and unit of stock available at the store.

Major benefits of Seller Price Comparison Features
  • The add-on perfectly works with Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions.
  • Seller has access to change the stock unit and prices of any existing product.
  • Help to display the prices of the different product by the different seller on the product page.
  • Working well with all the add-ons of Magento multi vendor extension.
  • Easy to understand layout showing the price, logo and name of the seller with add to cart option.
  • Showing the number of the seller for a specific product under category page.
  • Decrease the stock volume after product selling.
  • The sorting option of the seller on the price basis.
Same product Addition Under different Seller/Vendor

Most of the buyers looking for an affordable price product that can suit their budget. With this add-on, the buyer can easily compare the price of a single product under multiple seller and vendors accounts. The seller can select any of the product and display it in their profile by assigning the price and a number of units available. The seller also has the option to assign the price to an existing product or can create a new product which will help the seller to convert it store like other big commerce websites.

Display Multiple Products under the Product and Category Page

Seller Price Comparison add-on will help the buyer to see multiple products by a number of the seller or the same product offered by the multiple sellers under the Product and Category Page. This will help the buyer to compare the prices of product and make order quickly. This add-on enables the buyer to see the following seller information:

  • Product Condition: This tag will show the condition of product which may be new or used one.
  • Product Price: Buyer can price offered by each seller in the seller grid and compare easily to get an affordable product quickly.
  • Seller Information: Buyer can see the logo under this section and move forward for further information by clicking on it.
  • Vendor/Seller Rating & Reviews: These things helps the buyer to make a quick decision after viewing the customer’s comments and rating that they have been written after using the particular product. Better rating mean more sale if you have an affordable price.
Support Configurable Products

Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions supports the configurable product. The seller can easily select any configurable product that applies different conditions on that product. The seller can also assign different attributes as well as put a product description. Buyer can see the price and then check out the original product if he is convicted with that product. You can access the following options with this add-on:

  • Seller has the access to choose a configurable product and implements different condition on it.
  • Admin can reject or approve the configurable product at the backend.
  • Buyer can see the different seller offer the same product on the product page.
  • Buyer can choose any attribute for getting the lowest price to buy the particular product.

3: Advanced Commission

Magento Multi Vendor Extension comes with advanced commissioning system which helps the admin to assign different commission rate any product or seller category mentioned in the store. Admin has access to assign different rules and commission value if a product is a placed under the different category.

Features of Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions Advanced commission

  • Assign commission to the product, category or both.
  • Assign fix or variable commission to any product or category.
  • Can assign priority of commission for product or category.
Commission on Product

Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions supports the product commission feature which will allow the admin to set the commission per product on the backend. Admin has the option to set the commission on both new and existing products. In case if the admin doesn’t set any commission on products than the priority will be given to the category commission in which that product fall.

Commission per Categories

In Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions the admin has access to set a different rate of commission for different categories of the seller. Or the admin can set a fixed or variable amount of commission for a seller category.

At end I want to say that whatever you are looking for we have all in Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Module. After installation a seller can enjoy the benefit of big commerce site and can run their store as EBay, Amazon, etsy which will help you to get better buyer experience and increased sales volume. Magento Multi Vendor extensions is best solution for easily market and ship your product with a fair commissioning system. So install Magento Multi Vendor extension and let get started!

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