What is The Best Platform to Build a Marketplace Website like Amazon?

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Have you been wondering what it takes to create an online marketplace like Amazon that can wow your customers? Did you rack your brains on how to create a marketplace website that can spiral your revenues? If yes, the good news is that all this is possible and rather easily too.

If you have a Magento based website, then you just turned lucky. We at Magebay have the perfect solution for your problems. We realized that Magento is one the most popular eCommerce platforms being used across the world. It is highly flexible and powerful too. And this is one of the reasons why it has been touted as the world’s #1 commerce platform.

Why Magento?

why magento

Magento is popular since it provides you the ability to customize according to the changing needs based on the customer preferences. It is open source and also provides a strong support through its ecosystem of 150,000 developers and network of more than 300 solution partners who are highly-trained. Magento believes in innovating constantly to meet the expectations of its customers. So if you have already built your website with Magento, we are here to help you go one step ahead.

The insights provided suggest that merchants using Magento grow 3 times faster, compared to others. It has also been noted to provide a reduction in total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent. Magento seems to provide answers to the query on how to build a marketplace website.

Points to note

If you are still wondering how to build a website like Amazon, here are a few pointers that you can use to start off.

The first step is to ensure that you choose the most suitable platform like Magento, Shopify or Prestashop. Choosing an open source based platform can solve a lot of issues and provide you flexibility for further customization. Ability to customize and adapt as per changing needs, should be the top priority while figuring out how to create a marketplace website. Get your own team of website designers, developers etc. and share your ideas and requirements and get the website done.

What is The Best Platform to Build a Marketplace Website like Amazon

Find out which products are there that can help you save time on how to build marketplace website. There are our products like Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace that you can check out. They are amazing extensions that can easily integrate into your Magento eCommerce website. These help solve your how to build a website like Amazon queries to a great extent.

Using Magebay multivendor marketplace extension for your Magento based eCommerce sites to convert it into an Amazon like marketplace, is the best possible option. This extension is the perfect answer to your query of how to create an online marketplace. The feature list is vast and it is easy to install and integrate. Extensive documentation and support are also provided by the Magebay team to make it a smooth process. It also comes with full source code and a lot many add-ons that can make your life as seller much easier.

You can easily see the effect of this once you install it and get going. A few of the features provided are:

- Seller dashboard
- Sales report card
- Order management
- Product management
- Withdrawal request and history
- Messaging system
- Comments and reviews
- Seller public profile page
- Seller logo and sign on products details page

Apart from the above feature list, a whole host of additional plug-ins is also available to choose from. They are:

- PayPal adaptive payment
- Seller advanced report
- Social login
- Messaging add-on
- Advanced commission
- Table rate shipping
- Multiple flat rate shipping
- Seller locator
- Seller price comparison
- Seller vacation
- Mass import/export of products

These are, but, just a few in the list of amazing features that Magebay offers with its product. Magebay completely understands how the eCommerce ecosystem works and this is clearly seen in our product. A lot of thought has gone into making your life easier so you can concentrate on the most important aspect- selling. The Magebay product takes care of almost all other things that are needed to make your website an amazing marketplace like Amazon.

Benefits of using the Magebay multivendor marketplace extension

While there is a lot we can say about our product, we believe that it is our customers who can say it better. If you would like to check out what they have to say about our product and their experience with it, kindly check it out here.

The most important benefits of using this are:

- Highly cost effective
- Easy to install, use and customize with source code and splendid support
- Provides all functionalities necessary for marketplace, so you don’t have to go searching elsewhere for any plug-ins
- Improve your online presence
- Improve your revenue
- Manage your sellers well

Make the right choice with Magebay

With all the above inputs, you should be in a position to make an informed choice to go in for the Magebay Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension. We can guarantee you, it will be a wise choice. All our customers are a happy lot. They have seen a steady increase in their customer base, once they started using our extension.

Increased customers easily translate to improved revenues. What’s more, with social login and messaging features, you can also be directly in touch with your customers. Product customization options are also possible to be added on. Personalization further improves visibility and more people will visit your website.

With more people visiting your site, more conversion rates will happen: it makes for easy marketing! You save money on Ads and marketing expenditure, thereby increasing your revenue as well. Overall, using Magebay Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension will ensure that you achieve your objective of setting up a marketplace like Amazon.