Building a Vacation Rental Website like Airbnb

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What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace where people from more than 65,000 cities and 191 countries across the world connect to find accommodation. This was a modest attempt started out by three co-founders namely, Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk, which has now become a much-preferred option of picking vacation rentals.

It all happens through a unique, safe vacation rental website software, an online platform which can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device. People who want to let out their homes, apartments, or villas for a specific period can list their property options here. In the same manner, people who are looking for vacation accommodation, can browse through the listed options and find something suitable. The beauty of this lies in the fact that Airbnb does not own any property and is only connecting property owners and the vacation rental seekers. The safety aspect comes in, since the property owners are verified.

Building a Vacation Rental Website like Airbnb

Using their vacation rental software implemented in the form of a website, Airbnb allows property owners to list up and collects a listing fee from them. It also collects a transaction fee from the users of the vacation rental website software who make a booking. This service fee is how Airbnb earns profit. So, if you can use a vacation rental script and build a vacation rental website software, it can be a good means of earning income. However, when service providers like Airbnb already exist, the question arises as to why one should consider building a vacation rental website of one’s own?

1. To address a business need

Today we live in the 21st century, where even your neighborhood grocer has perhaps chosen to put up a website in order to make it more convenient for the customers to place orders. In such a scenario, if you are considering a vacation rental business of the Airbnb type, the best way to start is by creating a website. This makes it easier for people to connect, anytime, anywhere and also makes managing bookings and tracking payments easier.

2. Branding

While you may choose to run an offline business successfully, going online has a lot of benefits. Apart from the convenience, wider audience reach and presence, it also helps in branding your business. The happy customers spread the information through word of mouth, social media posts, online blogs and reviews, etc. This helps create a brand of your own that can stand out and make a name. It is better than just being listed as just one of the many on a connecting website Airbnb.

3. Earn more

By creating a vacation rental website of your own, you are opening up a whole new world wherein you can earn more revenue. Since the website belongs to you, you need not pay any service or transaction fees to anyone. Various income models can be explored like host service fee, user membership, the fee for loyalty purposes, or rentals and listing fees, etc.

How to build the vacation rental website?

If you are wondering where to start and how to go about building a vacation rental website, then help is at hand in the form of Airbnb Clone Script. There is no use trying to reinvent a wheel and hence it is better to use a vacation rental script like the Airbnb Clone Script from Magebay to get going!

This script is compatible with Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension, which is a very popular platform used for creating eCommerce sites. This script has been designed keeping in mind that people across the globe should be able to connect with each other for rental booking. The rental offers and bookings can be for any kind of service like cars, bikes, doctors, books, tools, travel and more.

Building a Vacation Rental Website like Airbnb

The vacation rental software built using this Magebay clone script is fully customizable and allows you to incorporate all the changes that you need to run your business or service the way you want it. It provides options for administrator, hosts and guests- all types of users of the website.

Administrator – The administrator will have the complete authority on the site and can set up the whole site with all necessary inputs like the price range, commission fees, home page settings, multiple currencies, and language settings. The administrator can also check all the status of the booking, the pending payment or the order status. Social media icons for sharing can also be set up by an administrator.

Host – For people who want to rent out their property, they are allowed to list it, manage it, set rental options in terms of minimum or maximum rates, add details about the property including images, include Google maps for address, and also upload their profile. The hosts can also change booking status, add special pricing, and manage the reviews of the property.

Guest – A guest is able to use the powerful search feature to search for a property they need based on city, country, date, and number of guests. The search results can be filtered and sorted by pricing or star ratings for making easier and better choices. The availability is shown along with the booking calendar, enabling to make their booking. A shopping cart with booking details is shown for clarity before the order is placed and confirmed. Along with uploading of the guest profile, it also provides currency conversion options for ease of transaction.

Why go for Magebay Airbnb vacation rental script?

Along with all above features, the fact that this vacation rental script comes from a reputed Magento extension provider makes it a preferred choice for people who want to get a vacation rental website going. Magebay provides a demo of the script so that you can make an informed decision after understanding how it works. They also provide excellent support in setting it up. All this comes within a reasonable budget that helps you save some money in your venture, as otherwise you will need to start from scratch to build the complete website. If you are interested in this product, contact us now.