5 Features of Magento Mobile App to help your business increase sales

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E-commerce is here to stay and hence, so are Magento Mobile apps! One of the main reasons that has made e-commerce so much of a success is the advent of telecommunications and technology. People across the world, even in developing countries have access to mobiles and Internet. This is interesting since many of them may not have a bank account, but use their mobiles for shopping.

The convenience of browsing through things at your own pace, picking and placing an order, anytime, anywhere has also been made more attractive with many offers. Hence, online retail revenue has been growing at a staggering pace. If you have jumped on to the e-commerce bandwagon, you too can increase your sales using e-commerce Magento Mobile App features. Here is a list of 5 best features that you can check out.

5 Features Of Magento Mobile App To Help Your Business Increase Sales

1. Discount offers on App purchases

Special or exclusive discounts can be offered to regular customers who purchase through the mobile apps. This methodology is followed by many of the established e-commerce vendors to promote sales. Since most customers will be interested in savings, they will surely prefer to opt to shop through the mobile app. They will also talk to others about it and you will get free word of mouth promotion for your mobile app. Some people usually browse the sites or apps even though they have no intention of purchasing. Such people can get influenced by some discounts on certain items, which may catch their attention. So, feel free and go mobile with the Magento Mobile app and boost your revenues.

2. Customer loyalty programs

It is important to retain customers and also reward loyal customers. Employing some customer loyalty programs helps in this endeavor greatly. This engagement should happen right from the first interaction of the customer with your website or app. They should be made aware of your loyalty programs so they know about the benefits beforehand. Loyalty programs may be implemented in many ways.

One of the easiest and most popular ones is to provide customers with points or credits for each transaction, which they can accumulate. These accumulated points will also serve as a retention factor for customers as they do not want to give up on them. Along with this, customers may also be made to feel good by wishing them on their birthdays or anniversaries, season’s greetings etc. After sales incentives, grants and feedback should also be taken. Use the e-commerce Magento mobile app to implement this feature in your e-commerce business and see how it increases your sales.

3. Cashback programs

Cashback programs are a great way of luring and retaining customers. This practice originated in the US, spread to the UK and is now a global practice. It is used by large and small enterprises to promote sales. This is done by tying up with credit card providers or payment gateways. Many programs are announced stating that people who purchase through the app and use a specific card will either get extra discounts or tempting cashback offers. These offers are attractive to the customers who feel they are getting a good bargain. Cashbacks are an excellent way of making your customers feel good about a purchase. They feel valued as if you have helped them by saving money on the purchase. Use the Magento mobile app to easily integrate the cash back programs into your e-commerce app and watch how the sales soar.

4. Notifications

It is important to be in touch with the customers throughout. Personalized offers could be shared with customers through notifications. Intimations about any special discounts, new arrivals, and exclusive special shopping deals for a specific period should be intimated to customers. Sometimes, even if they may not really have been looking out to buy something, the notifications may tempt them into checking things out. While notifications are a way to keep in touch with the customers, care should be taken not to overdo it as well. Too much of it may rub customers the wrong way, making them dislike it and decide to uninstall the app.

5. Referrals and coupons

Referrals are used worldwide for many different things and are one of the best modes of promotions. If people are rewarded in the form of special gifts, credits or discounts for referring people to your app, then that acts as an excellent incentive. The people who come through referrals may also be given some discount on their first purchase, to make them feel special. In short, referrals bring referrals and it can become an excellent chain to bring in sales. And all that with little or no marketing effort from your side.

Implementing gift coupons is another excellent idea to increase sales. People may choose to give their loved ones a gift coupon for purchasing from your app. This will lead them to you and if they like the experience, they may continue to shop with you. They may also, in turn, pass on coupons to others as well, which translates to business again.

Unleash the power of Magento Mobile App

Any Magento based website can be easily converted into an e-commerce Magento Mobile app using the Magebay extension designed exclusively for this purpose. It is easy and helps you implement all powerful features mentioned above. It is a complete mobile app that helps you in branding and is currently implementable for both iOS as well as Android platforms.

It comes with highly customizable, flexible layouts, and free installation. Apart from a user guide, it also comes with a virtual help desk that can help customers through the process. It allows for multiple stores, comes with multi-language support and Google analytics. It is also easy to build product catalogs and enable payment gateways into the app. Users can create their profiles as well as wish-lists. So, look no further and make your mobile app a reality with the Magento Mobile App!