Top 3 Magento Mobile App Extensions for Android and iOS

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The latest Magento mobile app extensions available on the market allow you to take your Magento web stores a step closer to your customers. These extensions help to build a mobile app for your e-stores helping you reap the advantages of e-commerce. It is a fact that with the advent of smartphones people are spending more time on their mobiles than on their desktops. There are various statistics to prove that internet searches through mobiles have surpassed desktop searches. Because mobiles provide the flexibility to be used anywhere and anytime, they have become the preferred mode of online shopping too. By developing a mobile app for your existing e-commerce website you give the customers the added advantages of personalization and the freedom to browse some features offline. This in turn results in higher conversion rates for your store leading to increased revenues.

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Here are the top 3 Magento 2 mobile apps that would help you easily convert your e-commerce store into a mobile app:

1. Magebay

Magebay offers a comprehensive mobile app for Magento 2 that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Developed with the latest technology, this Magento mobile app extension ensures quick loading time. It has a detailed user manual to guide users who want to configure the app themselves. For newcomers to Magento platform, Magebay offers free installation services through its support team.

Main Features

- Push notifications are provided which ensure that your store related notifications would be available to customers only when they open the app. Such notifications are less intrusive than other communication channels like email or messaging.
- Multiple languages and currency support are offered depending upon the location of the mobile app users.
- Custom branding helps you to experiment with different branding styles and offer customers a unique experience. The app’s appearance can also be customized according to the users liking.
- Google analytics tracking in the mobile app helps you better understand the buyer behavior.
- Synchronized with the store’s website.
- Allows for two way communication with the store.
- All Product information available
- Payments can be made through secure gateways.

This versatile Magento mobile app extension is available in 3 packs that allow lifetime use with a single payment:

- Starter ($399)
- Standard ($499)
- Premium ($999)

All the packs allow social media logins and payment through a variety of gateways. The standard and premium packs are compatible with Magento multi-vendor and booking extension.

2. Simicart

Simicart provides its Magento mobile app extension through various pricing options. It has a subscription-based pricing structure for the regular and enterprise customers.

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Main Features

- Multiple currencies and language support
- Four payment gateway support
- Free installation
- Social sharing
- Image gallery
- Product search and filter options
- 3 different themes provide for the app personalization

Though trying to be flexible, Simicart’s subscription-based pricing structure can result in a costly bargain. Comparing its lowest subscription fees of $29 with the starter pack of Magebay, Simicart provides just 13 months of extension use as against lifetime use of Magebay extension. Simicart offers the following pricing options:

- Basic ($29 per month)
- Mobility ($59 per month)
- Advanced ($99 per month)
- Enterprise (Contact Simicart team for custom quote)

3. Appypie

With 3 years of experience in a developing Magento mobile app, Appypie offers a variety of features in its mobile app builder.

Main Features

- Push notifications and alerts provided
- Offline mode allows for browsing some content without internet connection.
- Customization done to suit user’s needs.
- Allows social media sharing
- Develops a user-friendly mobile app
- Ad services by different providers can be used in the app

Though Appypie has some of the best features of a mobile app extension and is rated as one of the top in the mobile app development industry it is on the expensive side. It is not an economical option for organizations on a budget.

Choosing the right Magento mobile app extension

An ideal mobile app should be high performing with a friendly user interface. A Magento mobile app extension should be able to develop a mobile app that can run on both Android and iOS platforms. For users to love it, it should provide personalization as per user’s requirements. Because a mobile app serves as a kind of subtle advertisement it plays an important role in conversions and revenue generation. For the app to be profitable it should suit the budget needs of the organization.

From the above listed mobile app extensions the Magebay Magento 2 mobile app is ideal for small and medium scale businesses. It not only has all the features required for a successful mobile app but is affordable too.