Top 4 Product Designer Extension for Magento 1 & 2

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Customers are always willing to pay a little extra for a personalized product; hence having a product designer option for your products is a lucrative investment. With product designer requirements increasing day by day, it has become more of a necessity than a trend. A product designer tool comes in handy for requirements like customization of T-shirt for a soccer team or designing a coffee mug with a corporate logo. There are many product designer extensions available in the market for almost all the platforms. Choose and install a user-friendly product designer tool for your Magento store and let your customers have some fun by exploring their artistic side. To guide you in your decision making, here are some of the leading Magento product designer tools available in the market:

1. Product Designer Canvas

Product Designer Canvas

This Magento product designer extension offered by Magebay has all the features required of a good product designer tool. Be it image customization, social sharing or photo upload, it has everything to give shoppers a unique and satisfying experience. It offers an easy 3 step process for customers to place their orders. This all-purpose tool provides the following capabilities to customers and administrators.


- Ability to manage design template of any product
- Set up different colors for the art offered
- Manage prices for clipart and layouts
- Design customization
- Quotes management
- Categories management
- Pattern management
- Ease of data input
- Can custom design a product for free
- Ability to save and share the custom design
- Can change the available artwork
- Crop photo
- Import photos from the web or machine
- Easy to use interface
- Free custom product's design.
- Simple user interface for faster design

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2. Appjetty Product Designer

Advanced product designer tool by Appjetty provides option to design mugs, T-shirts, mobile covers, laptop cases, business cards and so on. It offers options to create graphics and templates so that they can be used to customize products. Appjetty offers this extension in 3 packages:

- Professional

- Professional Plus

- Ultimate

These packages range from $375 to $999. Appjetty provides free support for 6 months on all the packages. It also provides free upgrades for a year. The ultimate version has some additional features like brush tool and multiple design area.

3. Cmsmart Product Designer

Cmsmart Product Designer

Cmsmart has come up with a premium online product designer extension for both versions (Magento 1 and Magento 2) of Magento platform. This tool offers many functions for a range of products.

Some of its features are:

-Customize design of any product
-Easy to customize text and image
-“Free drawing” functionality available
-Alignment tools
-Color and font management can be done on the backend
-Mobile friendly

Though it is a comprehensive tool for product designing, the pricing is not so straightforward. You can download the extension through two pricing options:

- Auto-renewal ($199)
- Standard payment ($213)

Cmsmart also suggests buying 3 other products along with its Magento product designer tool to avoid conflicts among tools developed by others. The combined cost of the product designer extension along with 3 suggested extensions is:

- Auto-renewal ($419)
- Standard payment ($433)

This is way above the cost of product designer extensions provided by Magebay or Appjetty.

4. Brush Your Ideas

Brush Your Ideas

Brush Your Ideas provides a flexible Magento product designer tool for a variety of customers like marketing companies, sign printing providers, print brokers and so on. The extension can be used for products like card, gift, apparel and signs, and posters. It provides the Magento 2 extension for various pricing options.

Some of the features provided in all the options are:

- Free installation
- Social sharing
- Manage image
- Custom image upload

6 months free support and free upgrades for a year are provided with all the options. The only drawback of this extension is its very high cost. The most basic extension is priced at $599. The Pro and Ultimate plans are priced at $799 and $1299 respectively.


A good product designer extension should be user-friendly, allow social sharing and logins and offer multiple products for customization. The tool should be cost effective and suit the organization’s budget. Most of the product designer tools offer almost all the basic features required of a working product designer extension. In terms of cost, Magebay proves to be value for money with its current discounted prices for the first 1000 customers. It is an offer that should be taken advantage of to make your Magento e-commerce site more appealing to the customers. The Magebay extension clearly steals a march over its closest rivals, for sure!